Sheamus Reacts To Raw Crowd, Big E Langston Knocks AJ Lee, Jack Swagger & Alberto Del Rio

– Sheamus tweeted the following about the crazy crowd at Monday night’s RAW:

“Just wrassled Randy on RAW. Anyone notice?? #ManiaFallout #NJChantMob”

– Word at Monday night’s RAW was that the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio feud is finished.

– Just before Monday night’s RAW began, it was announced to the live crowd that The Rock would not be appearing due to the injury we reported on. No refunds were offered.

– As Big E Langston was heading to the ring at Monday night’s RAW for his singles match, he accidentally knocked AJ Lee back several feet while trying to stretch. AJ commented on Twitter:

“If I wasn’t forced to wear a padded bra, that E backhand would’ve hurt pretty bad. #WonderBrasSaveLives #MilesBeneathTheSurface”

– John Cena invited some of the Boston Red Sox to tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings where he will have a homecoming celebration. Cena also teased that Boston natives and actors Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck may be there.

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  • David Caliprazon