Sheamus Speaks On WM28 Match & John Cena vs. The Rock

Sheamus spoke with to promote WrestleMania 28 and picked John Cena to defeat The Rock:


"Its always controversial to pick the winner and a hard thing to do but I honestly think that John Cena is going to come up the winner on April 1st. Both of them are icons, both are legends, both have achieved so much. Cena is here night and day and I think that will take its toll on The Rock who has been back for one match. But Cena is the one without the ring rust and the one who I think will win at WrestleMania."


Sheamus also discussed his World Heavyweight Title match against Daniel Bryan:


"For two up and coming superstars, we are looking to steal the show! We are hungry and we have spent a lot of time getting to where we are today. Whether it was on the independent scene where we scratched and clawed, we want to be where John Cena and The Rock are, we want to be where The Undertaker and Triple H are, so you are looking at two guys who really want to go out there and steal the show!"