Shelly Martinez Appears In A Wet T-Shirt (Picture), Axl Rotten Looking To Wrestle, Lacey

– The bodacious Shelly Martinez participated in a photo shoot this where she appeared in a wet T-Shirt.

A teaser photo can be viewed below.

Other versions of the photos are also available at

– Axl Rotten has announced that he is healthy and currently accepting bookings via

He wrote on Facebook, “As Spring draws near I’m feeling 100% better. I’m in the gym working hard . I want to feel better. Hand and hand with that comes the desire to compete in the ring. Wrestling is in my blood and I’m ready to get back to as close as toca fulltime schedule as possible, also doing some guest teaching/seminars classes. PROMOTERS reach out to me. We can come to an agreement. Finally to the fans thanks for keeping AXL ROTTEN out here on Facebook & Twitter Keep it up. -AXL ROTTEN.”

– Former independent women’s wrestling standout Lacey celebrates her 30th birthday today.

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