Shelly Martinez On Working With Sean Astin, Latest “Social Rules”

In early December, Sean Astin filmed a comedy short for with Shelly Martinez. The former WWE Diva spoke out on working with one her childhood crushes.

“Sean is one of the first crushes I ever had when he was in The Goonies. When I found out he was the celebrity involved, I knew I had to do the role. I’ve met a lot of famous people but I was really nervous [on first meeting Sean]. Ever since I was a little girl Shelly I was in love with this guy! When I saw him I asked ‘Can I take a picture with you?’ He said ‘Sure!’ ‘Wait, can I give you a hug?’ And he says ‘Yeah!’ So I gave him a hug and hugged him so tight and just did not want to let go! I nerded out over him. The role he played in The Goonies [Mikey] has been with me throughout my career, and I found myself quoting him. So to meet him really was something,” she says.

“When I was in his arms during our scene, I got to be in his arms! I was thinking ‘Oh my gosh! This is my job today! It was really fun not only as a girl, but as a professional. My job for the day was to be in Sean’s arms, and I’m okay with that!”

The video will be released later this week.

Martinez also appears in The Social Rules, a new web series about the do’s and don’ts of dating and relating. In the latest video, she reveals signs a woman shows when she’s interested in a man. The episode is available here.

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