Shelly Martinez & Serena Discuss Having Closure With Wrestling

Shelly Martinez discussed in the latest edition of her Fun Time Radio podcast (available here) how seeing Dave Bautista Monday night at the film premiere for Immortals in Los Angeles, California gave her so much closure with the ugliness of the wrestling world.

Shelly said of the meeting, “I just went up to him and I said “Oh my gosh, hey, what’s up” and he looked so shocked to see me. Of course, the last time he saw me he was yelling at my face and I slapped his hand out of my face—that was the last time I saw him. So I gave him a big hug and I was like “positive energy to you and vibes and keep doing what you’re doing, you look great” and it was well received—he still looked tripped out though.

“So then, when I was in the car, I was sharing with Stacy (her friend) that dream I had I talk about in my Highspots shoot. I had this dream that I was with Dave and I didn’t know if I was at wrestling show—it looked like a hotel lobby. Which is interesting because when I was looking for him, that’s what it looked like. Tripped me out! I’m telling you, crazy. So then, when I had the dream and we were talking, he had to go to his room and I had to tell him something. So I went looking for his room and I knew which one was his in my dream because there was a ball of string neatly put together and in my dream I remember looking at it saying that’s wrestling. And prior to seeing him, I was telling somebody how my goal was to be in WWE—I did it. And now I’ve learned so much, I’ve had so much closure, especially after the whole tweeting thing with Dave that wrestling for me now is fun again.

“When I went to these shows in Virginia, I had fun. It almost made me feel like when I first started wrestling and did indies and I was really excited to be at the shows. I really wanted to do well. I wanted to have good matches, but not good matches in the sense that like “I’m a wrestler, so I had to be technical,” no, it’s performance-wise. I just remember when I was Desire back in the day, that’s how I felt. I remember feeling that rush and that’s what it got me into it. So I really think I was able to have closure, I was able to enjoy my matches more and that’s what wrestling’s about.”

Shelly was joined by Serena Deeb, who shared similar sentiments regarding the wrestling industry after being released from WWE last year.

Serena says, “It’s been about a year-and-a-half for me since my release from WWE and throughout the year-and-a-half, I’ve had more of mix of emotions than ever before. It too was my childhood lifelong dream to be in WWE and everything that I did before I got there was to get there. Every move that I made in my professional life, everything was to get there. And then afterwards it’s like, you kind of have to refocus your energy because your energy was directed there forever.

“For some people it’s scary. For me, I went through a really tough time at the beginning, but I’ve done more growing up this year than in my whole life combined. The past year-and-a-half of my life I have become a completely different person and I’m really proud of the person that I am right now.”

She continued, “I was really young throughout my experience with WWE and I made some mistakes, but there were times when I was not necessarily proud of who I was as a person. And I think it took that for me to being able to stand here looking at myself in the mirror today and be the woman that I am because I’m actually really, really happy that I went through that roller coaster ride.”

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