Shelton Benjamin On Who Trusts To Call Matches In Ring, Learning From The Guerrero’s

Shelton Benjamin spoke with ESPN on about various topics including how he learned to call spots in the ring during matches. Here are the highlights.

Learning from Eddie and Chavo Guerrero:

“For the first eight months, we [Benjamin and Charlie Haas] were working with Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, and they would hide from us during the live events. They didn’t want to call matches because that was old school, and that was how they came up. Eventually they got fed up with us and we had one of those ‘coming to Jesus’ meetings. We told them they didn’t need to tell us spot-for-spot, but we just don’t know the things you’re trying to do. Eddie, who was always the captain of the ship said, ‘You guys are right, and I need to be a better captain.’ He started teaching us the spots. So the next six months we never planned anything. We just showed up and had a great time in the ring. The rest of the art is just being familiar with who you’re in the ring with.”

Who he trusts now:

“There are only a few people in WWE that I would trust having a good match with to just call it in the ring: Randy Orton, John Cena, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar and Shinsuke Nakamura.”