ShortSmug: Can 2CW’s Upcoming iPPV Succeed & Should You Watch?

As many of you saw via this press release today 2CW officially giving details about the second iPPV for the company. 2CW is one of many many companies trying to succeed without the hype of “star power”.

Unlike companies such as House Of Hardcore, that is owned by Tommy Dreamer or Extreme Rising which gained momentum using ECW fans 2CW and many others have to work from scratch. Now to be clear I am not saying HOH or Extreme Rising are bad companies or even that they didn’t work very hard in building a company just that they got more ‘mainstream’ coverage.

One of the many questions I get involving new, unheard or, or just generally lesser known companies is “do you think the company is digging their own grave?” Are they trying to hard, putting out too much, or spending too much without taking in?

This tends to become a problem with certain companies who host iPPV and is of course even worse with iFFV. However, I do not see this being the case here as 2CW spaced out the 2 iFFV in such a way that it ran plenty of shows in between each. Speaking if iFFV, running this show for free is a fantastic move as their are plenty of wrestling fans out there that are not willing to pay for a company they have never watched. Typically, if you put on a good show these fans will return and glady give you their money at a later date.

Independent companies running shows that vary in match type is nothing new and this is no exception. Having a nice variety of match types is also something that can win fans over and this particular show has matches that range from iron-man to no holds barred so one can assume they will have a little something for every fan.

Can the 2CW show succeed? The last one was a big success and I see no reason why this one should be any different as everyone I have spoken with that were ‘new’ 2CW viewers plan to return for this and I am sure they will gain a few more new viewers. Since the beginning of time people have absolutely loved free and if you have never watched 2CW, I urge you strongly to do do on November 23rd!

The primary goal of 2CW should simply be attracting new fans in through this even and keeping them coming back. The loyal fans are, mostly, going to probably be at the show live anyway. I don’t expect 2CW or any independent company to take off in the manner/speed that the original ECW did because well wrestling as a business is down. Its fans are hiding in the shadows.

2CW, HoH, Chikara, and many more are all companies that seem to be heading in the right direction. To cover the next question I get asked, “Why do you write about 2CW when so many other companies are running shows”. The answer to this is simple and it has nothing to do with my personal preference for companies. I will be and have in the past attending 2CW live events so I am not writing “blind” without having the live interaction to know.

My primary goal as a writer is to get independent wrestling recognized and this is not limited to just 2CW. While I am a huge fan of 2CW, I am willing to cover other companies so if there is a company you would like to see me write about feel free to comment below.

Details on the iPPV can be found below.

When: Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. EST.

American Legion Post #80.
76 Main Street
Binghamton, New York 13903

To watch the stream go to: or

To purchase tickets go to

Full event information can be found at