“Psycho” Sid Vicious No-Shows Another Wrestling Event

Canadian Wrestling Elite has announced that “Psycho” Sid Vicious will not be appearing at tonight’s show at Maples Community Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba because he missed his scheduled flight this morning. According to CWE official Danny Warren, Vicious explained that he was sore from setting up bleachers last night and decided to sleep in.

“Unfortunately at this time I have to regretfully inform everyone that “Psycho” Sid Vicious decided not to get on his plane this morning, first because he “slept in” followed by not wanting to get on another flight as his knees were sore from setting up bleachers last night.. Yes, fucking bleachers. Refunds will be available tonight for anyone who would like one,” Warren wrote on Facebook.

Vicious has a history of being unreliable to wrestling promoters as he has no-showed several scheduled appearances throughout his career. More recently, Vicious skipped an advertised appearance for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on March 9, explaining that his wallet was stolen and couldn’t make his scheduled flight. In response, event promoter Pat Buck called Vicious during the show in the middle of the ring and had the audience boo him while leaving a voice message. Buck then disclosed Vicious’ phone number to fans.

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