Six-year Chris Benoit Double Murder-Suicide Anniversary, Stars Remember Benoit

Today is the six-year anniversary of the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide that occurred over a three-day period ending on June 24, 2007. Benoit murdered his wife and son before hanging himself.

Perry Saturn commented on missing Benoit, writing on Twitter:

Chris Jericho shared a vintage photo of the two together on his Twitter account.

  • matthew

    benoit was framed

    • Gavin Lopez

      No he wasn’t. He had a history of beating the shit out of Nancy. And he snapped and murdered her by choking with a cable, and he put Daniel in the crossface, killing him too.

    • CK

      I think he was framed, too.

  • Labor is a LaBore

    hope your enjoying hell Chris.

    • Gage

      And can you SHUT, THE HELL, UP!

      • Labor is a LaBore

        supporting a murderer? wish I can be!!! hope you join him in hell douche.

        • Gage

          I’m not supporting anyone, but there’s no proof that he done it -_-

          • Labor is a LaBore

            congrats you win. biggest horses rear on any wrestling forum. say hi to Chris in hell.

          • Gage

            I look at facts, not at what the police deduce basically STRAIGHT AWAY

  • Demonic Sinn

    I’m remembering Chris Benoit for what he did IN THE RING…not behind closed doors…I’m not defending what he was horrible…but people get too caught up in these celebrity’s personal lives instead of just remembering him for he did to entertain us. Vince McMahon can ban Superstars and staff from mentioning Benoit and pretend he never existed, but they can’t erase him from my memory.