Skip Sheffield Deletes Cryptic Message, Ricardo Rodriguez Praised

— Ricardo Rodriguez received a lot of praise backstage for falling off a ladder through tables Sunday night at WWE TLC.

— Former WWE star Armando Estrada turns 33 years old Sunday.

— Skip Sheffield, who has been off television since breaking his leg and ankle on August 18, 2010 at a Raw live event in Honolulu, Hawaii, deleted the cryptic message he tweeted over the weekend.

“Sitting in a chair at a table in Sin City wondering why this ladder is in front of me? Laughing at the gossip, the Secret Power, it begins..

“Who am I? Only time will tell, but rest assured narkboys Im not a Terminator sent to save John Connor. I also hate College Station #Fake

“I refuse to type it yyywid is fake, accept n forget. My life my rules. Born n raised in Sin City, soon a psycho will be unleashed. #Patience.”

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