Skip Sheffield Dropped From Nexus, WWE Announcer Weds

— According to an article on documenting the history of The Nexus, Skip Sheffield is no longer considered a member of the group.

The article states: “Immediately following that heinous first attack, the stalwart Bryan expressed remorse for his actions and parted ways with The Nexus, while Tarver, Sheffield and Young were later deemed unworthy of the rebels’ signature armband either due to exile or injury. However, as witnessed by the WWE Universe, the group only grew stronger and more streamlined as a result of the changes within its ranks.”

During the Aug. 18 live event in Honolulu, Hawaii, Sheffield injured his ankle in a tag team match with David Otunga against The Hart Dynasty. It was later determined that he suffered a compound fracture of his ankle and was initially expected to be out for four to six months.

Sheffield was never officially booted from the group on television. Wade Barrett acknowledged in passing during an interview on the Aug. 30 episode of Raw that Sheffield suffered an ankle injury.

— Todd Grisham, 34, got married on Oct. 17. Apparently, the only other person with ties to the wrestling industry to attend the wedding was ESPN anchor and former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman. He reportedly entered the room to his entrance music in WWE. Chavo Guerrero’s entrance music was also played at the wedding.