Smark it Down: CM Punk


Welcome to the first ever edition of Smark it Down. In these columns I will be examining specific wrestler: whether that be in WWE, TNA, ROH or anywhere in the world, and telling you what should happen for their near future.

Who better to these articles with than the self proclaimed (and I agree) best in the world, CM Punk. So without further ado, enjoy the first ever Smark it Down…

After holding the WWE title for more than 300 days, it is clear to me that the WWE does trust Punk to be a top guy. After months and months of not headlining PPV’s and being pushed out of the spotlight by Triple H, The Rock and John Cena Punk needed to turn on his amazing heel skills to push towards one thing.

CM Punk needs to hold the WWE title for an entire calendar year. November 20th, 2012 will officially make Punk’s WWE title reign a calendar year. That is two days after Survivor Series in Indianapolis, Indiana. Which means at the very least Punk will hold the belt until the next PPV which is TLC on December 16. This would bring CM Punk’s WWE title reign to 390 days, ten more than John Cena’s longest reign.

At TLC, Punk should once again retain (probably defeating John Cena). That leads to the New Year and the Royal Rumble. As we all know the WWE title match at Royal Rumble will feature The Rock challenging for the belt. CM Punk vs. the Rock at the Royal Rumble.

With Punk’s heel turn cemented in facing The Rock, he will defeat the Rock with help from Brock Lesnar. The Royal Rumble match itself is won by a returning Chris Jericho (more to come on this in Smark it Down #2).

The following night on Raw, The Rock opens the show saying he will face Cm Punk again at the Elimination Chamber. However, Johnny Ace (by then he replaces AJ as general manager of Raw) and says that The Rock cannot make a match whenever he wants with him in charge. Johnny Ace then tells the Rock that he will have to earn the opportunity to compete in the WWE Elimination Chamber.

Once The Rock qualifies for the match Punk and Lesnar begin to start screwing over Dwayne. Nobody helps the Rock, which leads to Punk claim that everyone in the locker room hates him. During the Elimination Chamber there is John Cena, Brock Lesnar and CM Punk in the ring when the last pod opens for the Rock. After a long standoff, Punk and Lesnar start beating up on The Rock. Then Cena comes to the rescue and we have Cena/Rock working together.

This all sets up Punk vs. Rock at Wrestlemania. This gives Punk the main event that he deserves and we have a proper way to have a yearlong lead up to a match (unlike Cena/Rock). This also means that there will be no Rock/Cena two, which means there will not be a rubber match at Wrestlemania 30. This allows Stone Cold Steve Austin to return (Austin already said he will be ready for that event, but only as the main event) at WM 30 and main event with CM Punk.

This is how it should happen, just remember to Smark it Down on your calendar and we will see you who is right.

  • rhardison423

    That article was awesome. I definitely agree with everything that was said. I’m afraid that with Cena/Rock joining together at the Elimination Chamber that WWE would not know how to think further than one PPV at a time and try to make a tag match at the next PPV with Cena/Rock v Punk/Lesnar. If they’re smart, they’ll punk CM Punk v Rock. Whether it happen at the Royal Rumble or at Wrestlemania 29. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

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