Smark Talk: CM Punk Forgotten Already, WWE Live Events, Raw Preview & More

CM Punk

How about we dive right into a few topics?

Live Events…
One of my favorite things to do online throughout the “IWC” is read fan reports from live events, television tapings, or even pay-per-view events. It gives everybody a personal look inside the mind of a wrestling fan, as well as any story or anecdote. Fun. For those who have been keeping track, the chants for CM Punk are slowly dying down as time goes by. Now, this could be for one of two reasons. Honestly, I credit BOTH reasons. Just a tiny, small observation.

1. The shows are not televised. I have no doubt in my mind that people hijack Raw because they know it is on the USA Network and want to be considered ‘cool’ on cable television. Smackdown? It is taped, so the atmosphere goes down a bit. Live events? Wy even bother trying to hijack it? Nobody will hear it, see it, or really even care that much.

2. The other reason is simple. People are moving on. I wrote about this in late January when CM Punk walked out. The WWE Machine continues with or without you. From Stone Cold to The Rock to Brock Lesnar to anybody else who left, fans will be in an uproar for a little bit and then move on. No different than anything else. You get pumped over a topic, go wild and crazy…before letting that feeling pass. Outside of the Chicago episode of Raw in two weeks, most have already continued on. WWE and fans.

Comment from Jake Fury: As far as the ‘leaked’ commentary goes, I think it might be real and I get the feeling that Punk is not that well liked in the WWE. I admit he was enjoyable to watch in the ring and on them mic, but I was not a fan of his real personality, and I don’t think a lot of other folks that work in the WWE are/were either. Having said that, it is entirely possible this is all just one big ‘shoot like’ work for the smart mark fans, so their jaws drop when he makes a ‘shocking return.’

I know my jaw won’t drop if he does come back. Like I said, I think it is real and they have got issues with Punk going AWOL, but if it is a work and he does come back, whatever, it would be a decent piece of writing I suppose. It would certainly be much better than the stuff from a couple of years back, when he ‘left’, but then returned within a couple of weeks. That was very rushed.

Well, his departure was not a work.

Him returning soon as part of a work about said departure? Very possible. Not to beat a dead horse, but reference Stone Cold walking out in 2002 before coming back in 2003. Reality turned to fiction. So simple to do in WWE, especially with The Authority story line going on. Whether it happens in two weeks, two months or two years, I stand by my original guess from last month: CM Punk will be back eventually.

Comment from KipSmithers: Don’t know if DB is better off, but it can’t hurt.

This was about Daniel Bryan being better or worse off with CM Punk gone.

I just loved the 2002 speech from Vince McMahon about guys stepping up and showing ruthless aggression. Stone Cold had left. The Rock was not full-time anymore. The roster needed some depth and debuts and young stars to shine and people willing to go the extra mile and everything in between. We are getting to that point now. I mentioned this last week, but go back to John Cena’s promo last week on Raw. He set the tone for any “future” stars ready to step up. Punk wants to sit on his couch as some sort of martyr or whatever garbage his fans want to claim? Go ahead. WWE will then turn to Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, or anybody else who wants to be there every week. They will happily take that prime spot on the card. Happily!

Comment from Tony Kegger: Smackdown has gone back to being the “wrestling” show and RAW being the “entertainment” show. That’s a lot better than Smackdown being the “RAW recap” show like it was recently.

Fine by me. There is this never ending argument about what draws more viewers on TV in wrestling – promos or matches. More often than not, promos (or entertainment) DOES draw better. It just does. However, I am of the belief that wrestling still CAN if presented in the right way be accepted from the casual audience (not the online folks). Smackdown is living proof of that getting over 3 million viewers the past 3 weeks and really on a hot streak since last October when John Cena started showing up on Friday nights. There really has to be that fine balance. Raw may be the A-Show (rightfully, of course). On just in-ring action and more bang for your buck, a crisp TWO HOUR Smackdown show is more entertaining with ‘wrestling’ these days than Raw.

Raw Preview
About tonight’s Raw? Well, Randy Orton vs. Sheamus should be entertaining. Originally, I figured Randy Orton might lose every single one on one match before the Chamber. However, he already beat Christian…but lost to three others. Does that he can defeat Sheamus tonight? I have no idea. Sure to be a good bout though. I expect the usual CM Punk chants to start up and be sprinkled throughout the evening. The Shield and The Wyatts will likely be gold no matter what they do. What intrigues me the most for Raw is how NEXT WEEK’S episode is set up. Do we get an announcement for Hulk Hogan returning? Or The Undertaker? Or a subtle tease of certain legends coming back without actually naming names? The WWE Network launching in seven days is a massive story. There is no letting up now. If that means the Elimination Chamber build suffers a bit, so be it. Too much has been put into their network for it to fail.

Do not forget. For the first time ever, I will be on Twitter during Raw. Interact. Chat. Message. Follow. Hashtag. Whatever all the cool kids do during wrestling shows. I have never done this before, despite being on the social media website for over 2 years now. This is an exclusive opportunity – one that may never happen again. I do not know. All I can guarantee is that on February 24th, I WILL be live tweeting during the entire episode of Raw. Sure to be an epic night. My Twitter handle is below (@JustinWatry). Do. Not. Miss. It!

Reader Feedback
Not to get corny and all that junk, but I have written columns online for nearly six years now. I may do this for my own ego, but I mainly do this for all of you reading. Yes, you and you…and you…aaaaand you too! All of you. Without you reading my rambling every week, there would be no columns to speak of. At the same time, I want to gain some feedback. Use the comment section below. Email me a thought or fun idea for a future column. Tweet me a random wrestling fact to showcase in the column. Send us a live report from a live event. Let me know your dream WrestleMania XXX card. Give me some Elimination Chamber predictions. These columns belong to you, just as much as it belongs to Justin Watry. Yeah, I went all third person on you. Bottom line: Get involved! Do not be shy. We are all wrestling fans here.

What do you folks think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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  • charovnica

    Let’s be real here. There is not a damn wrestler on the roster that is irreplacable at the moment. Not Cena,nor Orton. The thing is there is always gonna be that one other guy that will have to step up and will take the place of the one that left/was released. It’s an on going cycle.
    That’s not to say that an eventual return of Punk or anyone of the memorable past wrestlers would not incite interest..people will lose their shit,but it’s completely normal for people to care more about who’s still showing in the ring and is making stuff happen than someone who has been off TV.

    • Mordecai

      a perfect example on your last point is Batista.