Smark Talk: CM Punk Quits WWE – Work? Shoot? Was He Right? Wrong? & More

Well, well, well…I was all set to write my HUGE column on Sting. Everything was paid out and in place. The rumors were roaring about a possible deal, and it was going to be great. Come Wednesday night, my column would be published. Then plans changed in a hurry. All of the stuff about Sting has (predictably) gone nowhere and attention shifted.

Out of the blue, Sting was no longer the most talked about man in professional wrestling. Nope. That distinction quickly went to CM Punk. For those still in the dark, reports are running wild that he has quit WWE. Sometime Monday afternoon, he pulled a “walk out” and has left the company. WWE no longer follows him on Twitter. His promotional appearances are gone. Details are still coming in and will surely get more specific in days to come.

Now, there are two questions that I want to address as well as every other side bar this story takes for now. Obviously, there will be more in the near future to discuss. If you are a fan of lengthy columns, get ready. Go grab a drink. Have a snack handy. Put some music on. Relax and read…

Question from Jon: “So cm punk=Steve Austin 2002. Where do you see this going ?”

A: Yep… That was my first reaction as well. Upset over a story line? Not happy with things or life in general? Stress piling up? Injuries taking its toll? Getting up there in age? Contract and career winding down? Screw it. Just leave. Ditch the Raw taping and tell the boss you are going home. Not necessarily quitting or retiring. Just “I’m going home.”

Sorry to all the Punk defenders reading, but there is no excuse for quitting like that. None. I do not care if you are the champ, mid-card talent, 3MB, or JTG sitting in the back. If you have a problem, you talk it out. Work some kind of plan out and go from there. Just giving the fans in attendance and wearing Punk merchandise the middle finger and going home is wrong. He spit on them in grand fashion. If I had been at the arena wearing a Punk shirt and read the news the next day, I would be pretty upset. It is wrong. As WWE would put it, Punk took his ball and went home.

Where is The Rock to give a passionate speech when you need him?

Now to a few quotes from Stone Cold Steve Austin about his own personal ‘walk out’ from 2002 and regretting it:

“If I had to come up with just one of them, I’d say how I handled the Brock Lesnar/Atlanta deal a little bit differently then I did.”

“It was a bad decision made and I wish I would have handled it a little different then I did. Really, that’s about the only thing I’d change if I could go back in time. But, as we know, right now, we can’t.”

“i wish i had not walked out of the company when i did…bad decision”

Those are quotes from Stone Cold Steve Austin in various interviews (not from me) about his walk out in 2002.

Years later, Stone Cold understood just how badly he handled things. Did not like his position on the card. Was frustrated with the creative direction. The entire Brock Lesnar situation. Injuries. Personal life crumbling. Everything piled up, and he just quit…not even showing up to the building. Absolutely the WRONG move. Stone Cold admits as such.

Sadly, Punk seems to have done the same. He always did want to impersonate the Steve Austin rebel persona, right? Well, there you go. He may think he is ‘right’ in his actions. I am sure his diehard legion of fans will come to his defense as well. In a year, two years, five years, or whatever, he will know he was wrong. Moving to the next email…

Question from Brian: “Wow. So i woke up this morning to reports that CM Punk has walked out of the WWE. Despite this being very upsetting, I wanted to get your views on the reported reasons for his sudden departure (especially since this doesn’t look like a work, considering how outspoken Punk is about his passion for the business). Can you really blame Punk for feeling this way? That guys like him and Daniel Bryan worked hard for the past year, put on the best matches, worked every night, got better reactions then the guys working the top of the card, and when the time comes for Wrestlemania to roll around, they are thrown to the side for HHH’s buddy to come in and hotshot himself into a Wrestlemania main event. Especially considering that Batista was never that strong of a draw and as evidenced by the Royal Rumble, does not seem to be in the proper conditioning for a strong main event at Wrestlemania. Add to that the fact that he clearly gets rattled when the crowd turns against him and doesn’t seem to know how to brush it off, and his obvious ego (I’m in the main event at Wrestlemania, deal with it), how could someone like Punk not be p****d off that guys like him and Bryan got passed over? And yes, I know at the end of the day that it’s Vince’s company and he can do what he wants, but doesn’t it send a horrible message to the rest of the locker room to allow a guy like that to come back and destroy everyone’s hard work? It’s obvious that this is not what the fans want, and I think it’s counterproductive to business for the situation to go down like this.”

A: Punk is to blame. He is wrong… You do not walk out of your job. He happily collects his millions and does his own thing. We all understand that. He punched a fan and is considered cool. He goes off on fans on Twitter, and that is considered funny. He called somebody a offensive term at a live event, and it is considered freedom of speech. He dates diva after diva, but that is okay because it is his business. He is constantly rude in airports and in public, and that is passed off as just being himself. Well, to no surprise – he is again getting a pass from the online folks. Big surprise. Punk s perfect, and WWE are the big evil monsters!

Sorry. Does not work like that.

What does this guy have to do before people see his negatives? Everything I just listed. Yet, his fans rush to his defense will some kind of weak excuse. The glory of being an “internet darling” is that there is always somebody or something to blame. I am a CM Punk fan, but the amount that this guy can get away with from his loyal, LOYAL fans just baffles me. At some point, it will hit home.

With those two questions out of the way, I want to discuss what this means for other WWE news.

What Will Happen To His Feud With Triple H?
We saw that on Raw. It seems WWE will thrust Daniel Bryan back into the spotlight for a match with HHH come WrestleMania. Truth be told, that should have been the direction all along. I say this somebody WANTING a Punk-HHH showdown. Even so, the entire story was Triple H holding back Bryan. From last fall, it would only be fitting for Bryan to make HHH tap out at Mania.

To go one step further, here is my little fantasy booking for the week. Triple H somehow costs Daniel Bryan the title at Elimination Chamber. Bryan challenges Hunter to a one on one match at WMXXX with no interference, no garbage, nothing. Just a straight up one on one battle – HHH taking on Bryan.

If HHH wins, Bryan will NEVER get another title shot again.

If Bryan wins, he gets a title shot in his home state of Washington at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Boom! The “IWC style” fans at WrestleMania will instantly go wild for their match and not hijack the rest of the card. Bryan gets his moment and a guaranteed title match the following month. Triple H is able to have a great match with one of the best in-ring performers. Win-win situation all around. As noted last week, like it or not, Bryan has leap frogged Punk on the totem pole.

As outlined above, it is always something with Punk. If he is not saying his match sucked on Twitter, it is complaining about the travel schedule. If it is not about the part-time performers returning, it is his displeasure with wrestling THE UNDERTAKER at WrestleMania! Seriously, it is always something. Multi-time WWE/World Champ. Longest reigning in this generation on top of that. Two -time Money in the Bank winner. Headlined with The Rock twice and Taker last year! Yet, nope. Not good enough. Unreal.

But What If This Is All A Work?
Would not be the first time. WWE took advantage of his contract situation in 2011. They milked alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the publicity and controversy back then as well. I am not a fan of ‘worked shoots’ at all, so how about we pass on this? Let us all just ASSUME this is real here. Punk and WWE doing yet another walk out thing is just not my cup of tea. I must say it does play into the “we are sick and tired of Bryan being mistreated” agenda being played up on television. Punk quits over The Authority and their decisions? Sure does make sense. Again though, I will move forward thinking this is all legitimate.

What Will Punk Do Now?
Nothing. His contract goes until July. That is from his own mouth and online reports. Regardless, just go back to the Stone Cold walk out from 2002. He had to sit at home. Still under contract, it is tough to do much then. Barring any major changes, he can enjoy his millions and relax. Good for him is that money is saved. Good for him. Smart.

Does This Hurt WWE?
No. Sadly, not much if any at all. I just looked at their stock price on Thursday. It went up again! A new high point since 1999. In other words, nothing was harmed. WWE will continue on. WWE will move forward…just like they always do. If anybody out there thinks this is some huge damaging blow to the company’s profit margin, they are kidding themselves. As noted above, this actually REALLY helps Daniel Bryan going forward. It also means more John Cena opportunities, which leads me to the next point…

John Cena As “The Man”
How many times have we discussed this? How many times? Ladies and gentlemen, here is yet another reason why John Cena is the poster boy. Do not whine and cry about why Punk is never treated as bigger than Cena. We all knew why before this week, and we all know why AFTER this week. Him walking out is just yet another reminder. Cena is reportedly set to feud with Bray Wyatt come WRESTLEMANIA XXX! Bray Wyatt. Biggest WM ever. Seriously. Yet, not a peep from Cena. Sorry Punk fans, it is just the cold reality of why things are how they are.

Have We Seen The Last Of CM Punk?
I do not think so. Not one bit. He will be back in WWE. Again – just go back to 2002 with Stone Cold. He sat at home for a couple of months. Once he realized the giant paychecks have stopped coming in, he and WWE started to talk. After that, a story line was made. His return was set in motion. Simple as that. I suspect the same here. Whether it is before WMXXX plans truly begin or after, Punk will return. Fans will go nuts, and all will be well with the world. Once his contract expires in July though, he may still be looking to go home. Remember, Punk has consistently eyed up early retirement. He is 35 now. Even if/when he does make a WWE comeback, his clock is ticking.

Bottom Line
Ultimately, life will move on. WWE has Bryan vs. HHH to build towards without Punk. If Punk re-enters the picture, then so be it. Their network will launch just as planned. WrestleMania XXX will be a huge success, just as normal. The Shield, Wyatt Family, Big E Langston, Daniel Bryan, and others will keep pushing forward. All the while, your mainstays like Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena are still going to be there. I am not going to lose much sleep over this nor will WWE. Just as Punk said in his infamous promo, he is just another spoke on the wheel. It will keep turning…with or without him.

Reader Feedback!
Please folks. I know this is an emotional and passionate topic. I rarely ask for feedback, but let me have it this time! First timers or regulars – make sure to comment below or send me a tweet. Something. Anything! You know you want to voice your opinion. This column allows that to take place and will showcase replies. Let me know what you think. This subject is sure to continue being discussed for weeks and months to come.

What do you folks think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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  • Damien Brimmage

    Finally someone saying he’s in the wrong!

    • RVD4Life

      He’s no doubt in the wrong. Its just the fan boys that want to see him at all costs regardless if he’s wrong or not

      • BAYsCokeBudget

        Hes not “wrong” he may have handled it poorly. But punk is passionate about storyliens and wants what the fans want. Real wrestlers main eventing who earned it, not boretista

  • James Humwood

    As a punk fan a I hate this column but from a business perspective the column guy is right you can’t just walk out u should fulfill ur contract

  • Dee Drak

    Punk is wrong for walking out if it is just because he didn’t want to wrestle HHH at wrestlemania, or take another shot at Taker’s Streak!

    • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

      Agreed but cm punk was the original thought of to be the winner of the 2014 rumble! But shit, he had great matches at all of his wrestlemanias! And he got his wish last year when he wanted to face undertaker… Which originally wasn’t thought of him being in the streak challenges!

      • RVD4Life

        You must’ve read the article wrong.. Punk did NOT want to wrestle Taker last year at all.

  • john

    would have rather read the sting aritcle

  • Luis Suarez

    I’m pretty sure he’s tried talking it out. For example, I’d get pretty pissed at my job too if I was about to get a promotion and instead of me the boss’ son, gets the position. Same thing that’s been happening with Mania, strongly, since Wrestlemania 27 with the Rock. Vince focuses more about whose name from Hollywood is on the Marquee of the show. Taker, Triple H, and The Rock were the best thing at Mania 27. Batista comes back, wrestles for 10 min and wins the Royal Rumble when there are guys back there that work every single day and get the shit end of the stick. Batista has paid his dues, but how long is Vince expecting for these guys to live? Taker’s almost out, Triple H wrestles roughly once or twice a year, he should’ve put the focus on WM30 to be on the new era of dudes in the locker room. Punk, Bryan, Cesaro. Vince has great talent, but a shitty creative team. I guarantee you if Batista had said no to a WWE deal, Punk or Reigns would’ve won the RR. Sometimes you just cannot take the bullshit.

    • RVD4Life

      You’re right. Its absolutely okay to get frustrated at the situation. But he was unprofessional for leaving. If you walk out of every job you work at, eventually you’re going to get a reputation for having a poor work ethic

      • Luis Suarez

        I wouldn’t exactly say poor work ethic describes Punk. Dude wrestles injured, does almost all 5 days a week, and traveling not to mention. I’d agree with possibly unprofessional, but the dude has great work ethic

    • Latoya

      Absolutely agree. The creative team in my opinion comes up with storylines a five year old could write(and I think that’s insulting to a five year old). Once the dust has settled, hopefully they will start pushing their new talent, the future as they call it instead of trying to have their cake and eat it too by berating fans who are nostalgic for the attitude era and telling them to move on to the pg era , while bringing those back from the attitude era.

  • RVD4Life

    This article was very informative. As much as the IWC loves Punk, the author hit every nail on the head. Punk has acted out in many ways. He attacks a fan, he’s rude to the people in public. He complains on twitter. He says his matches suck. He insults fans with offensive terms at live events. The bottom line is regardless of how much you love the guy, He’s in the wrong. He took his ball and went home. Regardless of how much you agree with him and his reasoning for quitting, You don’t screw the fans. The fans made him into what he is today. Does he have talent? Sure. Does he have a great wrestling mind? Absolutely. BUT… You don’t walk out on the fans. And that’s exactly what he did. Whether you agree with him or not. Would I be pissed if I were in his position? Of course. But it doesn’t take away the fact that he is being very unprofessional. He’ll be back for sure, but at what cost? He’s getting older too, and doesn’t have much left in the tank. That’s obvious. I hope Punk learns from his mistake and grows from it.

  • Latoya

    I think this column is the harsh reality of this business, good, bad or indifferent. I think that the fact remains that the creative department REALLY needs to be revamped. If the company is doing so well whether punk or anyother “rebel” is there, then the same should go for the Batista’s , Lesnars and Rocks, and if things simmer down and go back to the same old stuff then that would mean that the fans are inane and easily placated with anything creative wants to come up with, which is exactly what the problem is.

  • billy

    You have the right to Quit your job whenever you want and there are clauses in contracts that are set out for moments like this when one person doesn’t wish to fulfill there end. This simple means that Punk will stop being paid and have a non-compete clause for a while but who is to say that somebody can’t quit there job because they no longer like doing it.

    • RVD4Life

      You’re absolutely correct. He has the right to leave his job if he’s unhappy. BUT, It’s unprofessional to quit any job without giving a notice. I completely agree with his reasoning for wanting to leave, but he’s a performer under contract. His job is to work out the remaining dates of his contract before leaving. Many wrestlers have been frustrated and burned out and wanted to quit. 2 people come to mind. Chris Jericho’s final date of is contract in 2005 was Summerslam, and he even stayed one extra day to perform on Raw for the You’re Fired angle he had with Cena. 2nd is Christian when in 2005 even stayed an extra day because he was advertised as a possible opponent for the interactive Taboo Tuesday PPV. Point is, frustrated or not, don’t quit your job without notice

  • Grant Ryan Lenton

    In my honest opinion, Punk can be as much of a dick in real life as he wants. A lot of other Sports personalities and ‘celebrities’ act like dicks to fans, yet they’re still adored. Punk in entertaining on WWE TV, and for a long time has been the only reason I watch WWE.

    I started watching WWE sometime during ’98, and I watched it religiously until around ’05/early ’06. I felt it had become very stale, and ironically, considering who’s main eventing now, I just didn’t take to the likes of Batista, Cena or Orton. They are not big enough characters, especially when you consider that they were built to take over from the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock.

    So I left WWE alone for about 4 years. Then I start watching occasionally, and I notice this long haired, tattooed lad; CM Punk. Then just like that I’m watching every week, (even Smackdown), and I’m checking the Wrestling websites again. I’m interested in WWE again like I was back in, say, ’99/’00. The only reason for this was CM Punk.

    Fans have pined for anything resembling the Attitude Era for years, and Punk has probably been as close as WWE could ever get to it. Punk may have ‘took his ball and gone home’ but WWE dropped the ball when they failed to build the company around him properly when he was the biggest thing going, much like they successfully did with Stone Cold. Punk was the perfect vessel to move WWE forward, and for a short time it looked like that’s where it was all headed. Then The Rock comes back, and although he’s very entertaining, for nostalgia reasons, that’s where the burial of CM Punk began. Punks title reign all but became irrelevant. He has to drop the title to someone who’s less that a part-timer, just so John Cena can be handed back the title at WrestleMania. So not only was Punk removed as Champion he was denied a much deserved Royal Rumble win and a main event slot at WrestleMania. Sure he went toe-to-toe with The Undertaker, but to me it all seemed a bit rushed, and never got the build it deserved, because The Rock/Cena overshadowed everything and everyone else, and let’s face it, their match didn’t need to be for the WWE Title. Punk should’ve remained Champion for a lot longer than WWE let him. 2013 saw the burial of CM Punk.

    Move ahead to the next Royal Rumble, and what’s happening? Pretty much the same thing. Punk is denied a Royal Rumble win, and the main event slot at WrestleMania. Batista, much like The Rock, has come in and within a week of being back has not only won the Royal Rumble but has taken the main even slot at WrestleMania. It’s boring, it’s stale. It’s all been done before. It’s 2005 all over again. You could forgive WWE for handing Roman Reigns the RR win, ’cause they’ve actually spent time in building him up, as predictable as it’s been, but for Batista to come in and be handed what he’s been handed is just downright insulting to the rest of the locker room, not just Punk. Of course Batista is going to grab the opportunity with both hands, no one would blame him. I would do the same. But WWE has let Punk down, exponentially. For me, Punk is a bigger draw than Batista, then Orton, than HHH, and even Cena. Maybe not to the investors and sponsors, but at least to a fan like me, and I imagine many more like me.

    Yes, Punk was somewhat wrong to have walked out like he did, but we don’t know how long this has been bubbling up for. If it’s been moving this way since The Rock returned then I can hardly blame him. I probably would have done the same. I’d rather look at it as though Punk is making a statement and standing up for so many like himself.

    I won’t touch on Daniel Bryan ’cause I just haven’t bought into the hype.

    *This has been my first post, be kind.

    • RVD4Life

      Since this is your first post here, i’ll do my best to be as kind as possible. You make many valid points. Punks title reign ending to The Rock wasn’t needed. He could’ve easily been paired with someone else leading to WrestleMania 29. To give The Rock the belt meant nothing and was only a way to get the belt back on Cena. BUT.. To say that Punks reign was cut short is False.. He had the longest reign as champion since Kevin Nash did in 1995. He was lucky to keep it that long, and to be honest it was going stale by the time he lost it to The Rock. Fan Boys (not you) want to see Punk win every match he’s in, and wrestling just doesn’t work that way. I enjoy Punks work, and like you, his entrance into the WWE brought much needed spark to an otherwise stale product. He was interesting in ’06 when he was introduced to ECW. His attitude and appearance was that of an ECW Original. He had my interest. I attended WrestleMania 24 in Orlando (where I live), and I, like many, popped huge for Punk winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. His fueds with Chris Jericho, Cena, Triple H, and Rey Mysterio were intriguing enough to hold my interest in the PG era. I’ve been watching wrestling since 1988, and have been yearning for the Attitude Era to return. He provided the feeling of the Attitude Era that I was looking for. However, It just doesn’t take away from the fact that Punk is notorious for pitching a fit when he isn’t booked the way he sees fit. His attitude towards fans and his peers has turned me off to him. He desperately needs to take time off because he’s obviously burned out. Let him take 6 months to a year off and rejuvenate his passion for wrestling. It’s just blatantly obvious that he doesn’t have it right now. Sure, I agree with him, and the IWC, that part timers don’t deserve to come in and automatically be given the title. Performers like The Rock, and Batista don’t need the belt to get over. If they are that worried about getting over, maybe you shouldn’t have come back in the first place. Vince is always worried about bringing in past wrestlers with credibility for WrestleMania. Its sad to think that he doesn’t believe in his own talent to sell Mania by themselves. Sure I enjoy seeing the old timers come in for 1 more match at Mania (Ricky Steamboat at WM25). In short, I agree with Punks frustration. But you just don’t walk out on the fans. Hope this wasn’t too harsh for you..

      • Grant Ryan Lenton

        Not harsh at all mate, and a valid reply.

        I never meant to imply that Punks title reign was cut short, I kinda meant that given Rock/Cena didn’t need to be for the title they could’ve gave someone else the Royal Rumble win that Cena was handed, kept Punk as Champion, still gone ahead with Rock/Cena II and had Punk defend his long defended title in the main event of Mania.

        Hindsight is a funny old thing, and to me it seems that for the past year the WWE has tried to bury Punk. 2013 was probably his worst year, when you compare to ’11 and ’12. It hasn’t even been a gradual burial, it was about as abrupt as I’ve ever seen. Lost to The Rock, and all downhill from there. He wasn’t even afforded a run with the WHC, unlike Cena.

        Everyone seems to be going on about Daniel Bryan, but if I’m completely honest I think Punk has been treated far worse. And whilst I’m at it, I think Bryan is only over in spite of how WWE books it’s Superstars, or doesn’t book. I think Bryan is a little boring, I liken him to Jericho, but less charismatic. His standing in WWE seems similar to Chris’.

        Anyway, I just feel that WWE could have, and should have handled Punk a lot better. He’s given a lot more to WWE in recent years than The Rock and Batista, and he didn’t/doesn’t deserved to be brushed aside.

        I like Punk, a lot, but I’m not a ‘fan boy’, but for entertainment value and what he does in the ring he deserves/deserved better from WWE.

        Whatever Punk’s reasons for quitting are, we can at least say he didn’t quit for no reason. Obviously more info will come out in the coming days and weeks, but I know most of us fans will agree that the direction WWE seems to be going in, heading into WrestleMania, doesn’t seem to favourable.

        Punk’s comments during his infamous 2011 Pipe Bomb promo keep echoing around my head.

        Yes, Punk was wrong to quit, but he was wrong for the right reasons.

        That said, maybe he does just need time to decompress and unwind, but he should’ve done it after WrestMania last year, or at least for a lot long than 6 weeks, or however long it was. His return to the ring with Jericho was premature.

        As a WWE fan I hope he’ll be back at some point. For now I’l put my stock in Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

        • RVD4Life

          Very Interesting reply. I like that you see the same potential in Ambrose and Wyatt. I enjoy their mic work tremendously. Ambrose sold me from day one just on mic skill alone. I’ve enjoyed Wyatt on the mic but wasn’t sure about his ring work until his match at the Rumble with Bryan. I think he proved all of his critics wrong in that match.
          I will agree with you, to a point, that Punk hasn’t been treated as good as he deserves. I compare his situation to Bret Hart in 1995. Hart had a lengthy title reign in 1994 and dropped the belt to Bob Backlund of all people. Only for Backlund to lose the belt the very next day to Kevin Nash. After Hart lost the title, he was stuck in feuds with Bob Backlund, Hakushi, and Jerry Lawler for most of 1995. None of those feuds meant anything, and was definitely a step down from his title contention from ’92-’94. But Bret didn’t complain. He did his job and kept his mouth shut. Hence one of the reasons he is my all time favorite wrestler. Punk can learn a lot from Bret. That is one of my biggest gripes with Him. He doesn’t seem to be a team player when his company is counting on him to help draw for WrestleMania. His Fans pay hard earned money expecting him to perform, and for him to blatantly say that his matches sucked, is kind of a slap in the face to said fans. This is purely my opinion, and only how I view him. I don’t expect every one to agree with me.
          I completely agree with you that he shouldn’t have lost the championship to Rock. There was no absolute need for the Rock to have the title. I can understand having the Rock beat someone credible to gain momentum before facing Cena at WM29. But it didn’t have to be Punk. He could’ve wrestled Randy Orton and it would’ve been just as effective. That gives Punk the opportunity to drop the strap to someone who actually deserved it at the time like Dolph Ziggler. Do I sympathize with Punk for his reasoning behind quitting? Absolutely. I’ve been in his position before, and it sucks. But quitting wasn’t the right choice. It’s no different then holding the company hostage like Warrior did in 1991. Ok that maybe harsh. Warrior was an ego maniac, even more so than Punk. He definitely deserves to be in the spotlight. But ultimately, Vince is his boss. He can book Punk however he wants to. His spot can be taken away just as fast as Ziggler, Swagger or Sheamus. Not that they are in Punk’s league, but all were given a shot with the title. Moral of the story is, You have a job to do. Your job is to perform, and do what your employer requires. Punk didn’t like what they wanted him to do, so he left. Bottom line. As much as it sucks for his fanbase, I’m not too disappointed to see him go right now. Hopefully he can come back when he’s ready, and has a better outlook.
          Jericho is the man. I don’t think Bryan can compare to the amount of charisma that Jericho has. Bryan is great in the ring. I enjoy his work. I’m not sold on his mic skills though. But that doesn’t matter because some of my favorite wrestlers were not so great on the mic (Benoit, RVD, Hart, Malenko). Like you, I’m not on the Bryan bandwagon. He has great potential, and he’s definitely over. But he doesn’t NEED the title right now like everyone thinks he does. I think Vince has made the mistake of putting the belt on someone too soon, one to many times. It seems to me that VKM is not too confident in his future talent. Hence why the title keeps getting circulated between Orton, Cena, and Punk. Sometimes winning the WWE championship doesn’t translate well. IE, RVD in 2006, and Benoit in 2004. Both were extremely over with the crowd, but once they had the title, neither had the mic skills to carry the same confidence that a World Title holder should have. They both had great matches as champion. But their reigns were both cut short. Although RVD’s reign was cut short due to his arrest for marijuana just one month after winning the belt, he wasn’t gonna hold it that much longer anyway. Point is, Bryan doesn’t need the belt right now. He’s got a long future in WWE, and will be holding the title for a long time after Orton, Punk, and Cena retire. Theres no doubt he’s the hottest guy in WWE right now. He will get his time.

          • Grant Ryan Lenton

            You could look at Punk’s quitting as a showing that he has no fear. I think WWE is full of ass kissers, who can only ‘make it’ by brown nosing the powers that be. I think in Punk’s case he got where he was at on merit and sheer determination. Maybe the likes of Bret Hart were fearful for their jobs and were reluctant to say anything that might rock the boat. Punk seems well equipped to deal with life after WWE.
            I think Punk’s feud with HHH a few years back should’ve played out like Stone Cold’s feud with Vince back in the Attitude Era. As much as we seen Stone Cole put down and screwed out of title chances and wins, he ultimately overcame Vince, and was the hottest thing the WWE had ever seen. Vince was obviously more than willing to put himself under to get Stone Cold over. I think HHH should’ve afforded Punk the same, and had their rumoured match at this years WrestleMania gone ahead it would have been perfect for HHH to put Punk over, even more so now after having him put under for the best part of 12 months, and launched Punk back into the title scene and back into main eventing PPVs. This whole ‘best for business’ crap is ridiculous. Paul Levesque is only interested in what’s best for him. Period. That’s where he and Vince differ.
            We should probably appreciate that Punk is constantly fighting against a regime that probably don’t want him under contract anyway. For whatever reason. Maybe because he wasn’t ‘made’ by WWE. Maybe because he breaks the status quo.
            I certainly don’t get behind Punk in spite of WWE. I get behind him because, for the most part, he’s been the most interesting and entertaining thing on WWE TV for the past 5 or 6 years, and he’s worked tirelessly during that time.
            I always try and enjoy WWE in the way I enjoyed it back when I was 10 years old, but sometimes the politics are plain to see on TV, and are more noticeable the older I’ve got.
            I can appreciate that there are a lot of things us fans don’t see or know, but the way things are heading it doesn’t look good. As a company your top employees shouldn’t be walking out.
            Stone Cold walked out in ’02, and let’s face it, WWE wasn’t anywhere near as good, interesting or entertaining for many years after, and I feel history is repeating itself now. Only replace Stone Cold with Punk.
            They have the build up to WM and Elimination Chamber to fix what they have broken, otherwise WM is gonna suck. He might not have been in the title picture or main event, but I think WM will suffer with the absence of Punk. He might not have wanted to wrestle Taker last year (probably because he knew, like most of us, that if you face Taker at WM you will lose), but it was still a very good match.
            And sure, people will say ‘look at Cena, he’s feuding with Wyatt and he’s not complaining’. He’s not complaining because he’s still been in the title picture and now he gets to wrestle one of the future stars of WWE, added to the fact he had a run with the WHC before dropping it to Orton. Cena has nothing to complain about, he’ll always be afforded chances and opportunities. He only dropped the WWE Title to Bryan ’cause he was injured. I shudder to think where we would be if he hadn’t been injured…

          • CM Punk scouter

            I see why you blame punk for walking out. But you look at the part timers like Batista and the rock coming back and getting title shots. no I don’t want to see him when every match but at least give him a title shot. you see people like the rock and Batista, then you look at people like Dolp ziggler and Kofi Kingston who are never talked about when it comes to huge titles anymore. Punk wasn’t just speaking for himself he was speaking for the whole locker room. The people who aren’t just ok with being on TV. The people that expects something out if wwe. The people who are fed up with seeing John cena taking then losing championships. Sure we are fans shat does our opinion matter to the wwe. But I am sick of seeing cm punk is a dick. I’m tired of seeing people not you but people saying cm punk needed to go home then says I only watched wwe because of punk. Yes cm punk was sorta wrong the way he walked out. Yes it was selfish. But every superstar should want better. Why would he want another match with triple h wen he could’ve had a shot at Orton for the title. He’s already faced triple h. I take nothing away from your opinion I agree with some of your points. Just know this part timers like the new age outlaws are here today and gone tomorrowtomorrow. Year long workers like the usos and Dolph are here to stay.

  • hisfirewithin

    OK…forgive my lack of suspension of disbelief, but this whole thing smells like “work” to me…

    The author brought up the contract dispute of 2011. Makes perfect sense. This time, though, there’s all kinds of legit media attention. Punk being this way and walking out seems like a perfect believable scenario. Are the WWE smart enough to create this sort of second layer of kayfabe and really get over on legit media outlets and all the “smarts” out there? I would hope they were starting to figure it out by now.

    Why would they do it? Simple. Daniel Bryan fans are ruining everything else they try to do. Creative has been reportedly in a tailspin since Royal Rumble. Maybe they finally decided that Punk, who is beat up, on limited contract, and who is not overly critical to storylines at the moment, could give up his spot to DB, whose HHH hate makes a lot more sense with anyway, go home, heal up, and get a big fat worked shoot in in the process. This enables, as the author said, for DB to get screwed at Elimination Chamber, Beat HHH at Mania, and get the belt from Batista in Seattle. Not because he needs a belt, but because giving him the title is the only way they’re going to be able to tell any other stories right now without fans trying to hijack the whole thing.

    Then, suddenly, Punk walks out during Bryan’s celebration, and you have your huge main event draw for the summer. Just in time for ice cream bars.

    They will probably never be able to pull off another CM Punk contract work again after this, and if this is not indeed a work, my personal hope is that a healed up Punk can help one or more of the other regional promotions become an actual competitor to WWE, which is what the whole industry needs.

  • rohit arora

    man watever, bt wwe booking has been shitty
    nd main event wrestlemania should involve d feud which was d major point of last yr..
    only dat way u cn make d NEXT rock,stone cold,cena..
    wrestlemania main event cn springboard career of a young gun,,.
    while batista orton dont turn d pages
    been there done that many times
    free main event for youngster so dat dey fight whole year full effort to go for wrestlemania spot
    plzz dont reserve the spots for old stars