Smark Talk Q&A: John Cena’s New Role, WWE Network, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk, More

Here is a quick rundown. I will reply to a few emails, a few comments, a few tweets, and discuss a few other topics for today. That is the word of the day: FEW! Everybody ready? Without any more stalling, I will let the comments kick us off…

From Jimi: hey justin. I just read on the Internet page that hogan is coming to wwe? Is that true? What can he do? He’s broken down? I like hulk but the past injuries he surely isn’t wrestling he never did at TNA. I watched every week I’m a big wrestling fan. I will be getting the wwe network also. I had the last pay channel the wwe had for $10. Can’t wait for you to respond to me plz

Lots of information to gather here.

1. Until there is an official announcement from WWE, anything about Hulk Hogan is just rumors and speculation. The assumption is that he will be back with WWE very soon in the build up to WrestleMania. Again though, that is strictly assuming, and we all know what happens when you assume.

2. On that note, a lot of folks get confused by this. When something is talked about online on these magical websites, that does not mean it is true. The phrase says do not believe everything you read on the internet. is the real source in the end. All the dirt sheets and other junk is just that – junk.

3. Hulk Hogan can be the ‘host’ of WMXXX or beat up 3MB. That is about it. Most sane people know by now that he can not wrestle nor get too physically involved. He is not coming back to WWE (assuming again) for a title run or wrestle major pay-per-view main events. He is there for a Legends deal and the media exposure only WWE can offer in the business.

4. With the WWE Network coming up and the historic WMXXX in April, it only makes sense to have Hulk Hogan there in some form.

5. I am glad you are getting their network. No doubt, it is an amazing deal for wrestling fans. Just on the financial side, it is a life saver for many. Seriously, Mania for $10? There is really no reason NOT to order this thing. Now with that being said, I still remain very skeptical of this working long-term just as I have stated from day one. Die hards and the ‘IWC’ alone will NOT be able to make this a success. The casual fans will have to be convinced to plunk down cash on this. If not, it will fail. Badly.

From John: Is it me or has John Cena’s role changed since he came back from his injury? He did beat Del Rio and won the World title. But since he came back he has had great matches against the younger talent like Cesaro and Damien Sandow and now he is rumored to have a match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. I think it’s possible that they may be using Cena right now to help the younger wrestlers become main eventers by working with them. He did cut a couple promos about how younger wrestlers need to go through him to be the man.

You nailed it.

I have a column over at right now about John Cena being ‘the man’ for 2014 and MAYBE 2015. That will be all for him. He knows how hold he is. He knows how his body is reacting. He knows what is going on. John Cena already went 16-18 months away from the WWE Title to let CM Punk have his time. Now, he is losing to Randy Orton on two straight PPV events, wrestling Damien Sandow, Cesaro, losing CLEAN to Daniel Bryan at Summerslam and is rumored to feuding with Bray Wyatt at the biggest event of the year. Wow. The new guard is coming folks.

WWE Network Cost?
Since we are already discussing their network, I also maintain that the $10 price tag will eventually increase. Maybe to $15 in 2014? Maybe a couple extra bucks for some shows in a few months? Kind of like video games do with downloadable content? Either way, I took my fear straight to WWE and asked them for a comment on any potential price increase in the future. To no surprise, my reply was your standard company double talk. Not a yes or no. Just rambling without actually answering. Make of that what you will folks.

Email from Aasim: As we all know EC is the final PPV before the network launch, so WWE is going all out with this PPV. The build to this PPV has been very good. They have booked the Shield and the Wyatts very strong heading in their match. Everyone is looking forward this feud as seen on Raw. The gauntlet has been very good with Orton going one on one with his opponents. He has lost to 3 out of 4, and I have a feeling he is going to lose again to Sheamus on Raw. Now to me this is a sign that Orton is going win the PPV match and go on to headline WM XXX against Batista. Many people are against this WM main event and so am I. I don’t think it will be 5 star match or a classic. I wish you could answer this, but according to you when will Cesaro be the champ? He is so great and his match with Orton was very good. He proved he can beat the main event guy.

Now as I said this is the last PPV before the launch, what are the chances of Bryan, Cesaro or Sheamus walking out the champ? This will make people happy for two reasons. People are sick of Orton as champ and also we could have a new WM main event. Imagine Cesaro or Sheamus vs. Batista. I believe that match will be awesome. This will definitely boost the buys of the WWE Network. After EC PPV if we get a new champ, we could have the winner vs. Orton on Raw for the belt since Orton will use his rematch clause. This will also make Raw bigger since it will also be the last Raw before the network launch. Just imagine a championship match, Undertaker return and Brock confrontation and Hulk Hogan return on February 24. It will be huge.

I am with you up to a point. Sheamus is not winning the strap on Sunday. Neither is Cesaro. Both will get their time as champion. Not now though. That goes back to the ‘con’ of only having one major WWE/World Title. Only so much to go around now. Daniel Bryan DOES have a good chance to win Sunday, especially after Raw with Kane beating him down and injuring his shoulder. It makes him an even bigger underdog than before. My only hesitation is timing. We all expect Daniel Bryan to win the WWE World Title and get his big moment…but at Elimination Chamber? Really? Eh, it would make a great moment. The fans would chant like wild and all that…but really? At the Chamber? Build that moment up for a huge event or PPV built around his title win. Do it now only to drop the strap to Batista weeks later? Why even bother then? Save the moment until it is really time. Do not just do it to do for the sake of doing it.

About the WWE Network launch? February 24th is going to be huge regardless. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar staredown. Hulk Hogan return moment. Green Bay Raw. WM XXX matches announced. No matter what is done. How that makes fans happy or unhappy about the Mania main event is really irrelevant. For folks that are upset with Batista vs. Randy Orton, so be it. Odds are you will like Taker/Brock. If not, then odds are Daniel Bryan making Triple H tap out to earn a clean WWE World Title match will entertain them. If not, there is The Shield, John Cena, The Wyatts, etc. Remember folks, even if Batista vs. Randy Orton DOES happen, nobody ever said it will close the show. Multiple non-title matches have closed the show. Multiple times. If WWE starts to realize Batista/Orton is not worthy of the true main event slot, it will happen in the second or third hour. Problem solved.

From Trenton: Hey, Justin. Do you think it’s a possibility that Jack Swagger and Zeb cost Cesaro the match in the chamber, somehow? It would show their jealousy. It could possibly even lead to a WrestleMania match for the two.

You read my mind. That is actually one of my many predictions for the PPV event. However, there is a fear that many Chamber opponents could be screwed. Kane or HHH cost Bryan? Swagger cost Cesaro like you mentioned? Sheamus and Christian cost each other the match? The Authority costs Randy Orton? Hey, I am just tossing out ideas here.

Not for nothing, but a Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro IC Championship match at WMXXX would be great in my book.

From Grant: Hey @JustinWatry you should write the forward to @IAmJericho ‘s book!

Hahaha, no. No, I should not. Appreciate the shout out though.

Tweet from Jason: @JustinWatry You can be my witness if punks coming back he’s coming back with Heyman

Fine. Since I posted this, now everybody reading this column can be your witness. There you have it folks! If Punk comes back, it will be with Paul Heyman.

From Cuz: He’s going to cost Bryan the title either @Chamber or Mania. Leads to a Punk v Bryan main event @WM XXXI

Highly doubt that will happen. The last thing we need anytime soon is a Bryan/Punk match or feud. Last thing.

From Jeuron: I’ve forgotten about Punk already! There is so much good stuff going on in WWE right now with the Network and the road to WrestleMania, that I honestly don’t miss him at all. In fact, The last few weeks without him have been some of the best WWE television I’ve seen in a while.

I do not feel THAT strongly…but yeah, pretty much. Raw has been just fine. Smackdown has been very well done the past month. Would we all love to see CM Punk every single week on television? Sure. Am I begging and crying for it to happen? Of course not. Jeuron said it best. There is just too much going on as we speak for me to sit and cry for somebody quitting.

From Tony: I went to a live event last December and I was amazed by the amount of kids there. I’m assuming it’s not just my city and almost every other WWE city has a large amount of kids at house shows. More kids equals less CM Punk chants because those kids cheer for the superstars WWE wants them to cheer not the superstars the internet likes.

Bingo! Casual fans = majority of wrestling fans / Internet fans = small minority of wrestling fans

From Jon (or John): How does this sound for Undertaker for The Streak. I think the next face of company should be the one if anyone does to beat The Streak I say WWE should build up Roman Reigns. Have him win the Royal Rumble next year and cut a promo saying he wants Taker at Mania instead of a title shot. What do you think?

Thanks for the question. Your name was listed as Jon and John, so I did not know which to use. Sorry! Either way, this scenario has been thrown at me every single year. My answer every single year is the same: NO! I do not want this to happen at all. The Royal Rumble winner should get a title match at WrestleMania. To complicate things and involve Taker’s streak is just stretching for something that is not there. Let Taker have his last few matches. Let whoever win the Rumble win the Rumble. I follow the KISS Method with wrestling, which means to keep things simple. I stand by that.

Tweeting During February 24th Raw!
The time is almost near. For the first time ever, I will be live tweeting during Monday Night Raw THIS MONDAY on February 24th. The Undertaker is rumored to show up. Hulk Hogan is rumored to show up. The WWE Network is launching. WrestleMania XXX matches are sure to be set up. All the big legends and stars are bound to show up. There are even some that believe STING will show up! Either way, I will be on Twitter for the full three hour show. Never did this before, may never do it again. You do not want to miss out. My Twitter handle (@JustinWatry) is listed below. Be there AND be square!

What do you folks think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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