Smark Talk: TNA Impact Wrestling, CM Punk & Chicago Raw, TNA Guys To WWE?, More

No stalling. How about we tackle a few topics today?

TNA Impact Wrestling
Yes, I will be watching this Thursday (tonight). No, I will not be live tweeting. Still have not hit 500 Twitter followers! be on the look out for thoughts on Impact later this week.

WWE Stock Soars!
Oh look, the WWE stock price went up another 13% on Tuesday. More on Wednesday! Great job ‘taking over’ and trying to hijack Raw. Sure did make a difference folks. Boy, that sold out arena looked great in Chicago. Wonderful protest there. The WWE market cap (stock worth) is now valued at $2.03 billion – highest since October 1999. Not to beat a dead horse, but the machine will roll on. Any kind of online negativity, IWC blabber about CM Punk, hate on Batista, etc means absolutely ZERO to the bottom line. Zero! WWE is at a near all-time peak in terms of money and will continue doing their thing.

Vince McMahon
On that same note, Vince McMahon is (again) officially recognized as a billionaire. His net worth is $1.2 billion as we speak. Thanks to that lovely stock price, it could easily go up OR down at anytime. Regardless, the $1.2 billion figure seems a bit low to me. If WWE is capped off at over $1.9 billion, Vince has to be worth more than $1.2 billion, right? Either way, the numbers do not lie. You can whine and cry all you want about the on air story lines. Right now, business is doing just fine, and that is without an incoming MONSTER television rights fees deal. Who knows how much that will be worth?

WWE Network Update
Everything still works okay on my end. I barely even turned to the WWE Network on Tuesday. Sorry, Main Event did not entice me enough. As noted before, I fully intend on diving into the full archives and such. Just has not happened yet.

TNA Guys In WWE?
Trenton via email: If you had to pick 5 TNA homemade (mostly) wrestlers, which 5 would you like to see compete in WWE? I think I’d choose Aries, Roode, Joe, Christopher Daniels, and possibly Magnus.

Fine choices. Let me go through each of your names.

Austin Aries – Agreed. He is one of the few WWE probably should have been more aggressive in trying to sign a few years ago. Rumor has it USA Network handled all the casting for WWE Tough Enough (in 2010/2011) and turned DOWN Austin Aries. That tells me two things. First, Aries wanted to get into WWE by any means necessary – even a reality show. Second, the Aries we saw back then is not the same man today. Look at him a few years ago compared to his time in TNA 2012-2014. Clearly, he is worth while. If reports are correct (be careful), his contract is expiring in a few months. Since he is already ever doing anything important, it leads me to believe his time in TNA may be ending. Either he is off television or trading the X-Division Title with *insert anybody here*. The man is 35 years old going on 36, so if WWE is in his future, it may be now or never to try.

Bobby Roode – Agreed. He is another one of the few WWE should try and sign up. I think he appeared on Velocity or something, but that hardly counts as much in terms of being in the ‘big leagues.’ Roode deserves to be in WWE. That guy should be in sold out buildings and seen by 4-5 million viewers each Monday on Raw. Not at live events in front of 500 people and a studio in Orlando in front of non-paying tourists. Like Aries, age is working against him. Roode is now 37 years old. Hate to say it, but he also has to decide pretty quickly whether he wants to stick with TNA forever or give WWE a run. I would hate for him to have retired without being in WWE. He deserves more.

Samoa Joe – 34 years old about to be 35…I think the ship has sailed. He seems perfectly content doing his own thing in TNA. No offense, but there have been a few reported issues with Joe. Would that stuff fly in WWE…or does he get away with it all because of TNA being TNA? He has appeared on WWE TV (Jakked or Heat years ago), and there has been interest in years past but Samoa Joe from five years ago is NOT Samoa Joe in 2014. Would be cool, but I have moved on from this ever happening.

Daniels – He is 43 years old going on 44. Spent time all over the world wrestling but always finds his way back to TNA. Like many, I think he just fits there. Does his own thing, probably is good with the backstage crew, and never has to worry about consequences, improving, helping, etc. He is content. TNA is content. I would be beyond shocked if a 43/44 year old Daniels heads to WWE, or if they even care to sign him.

Magnus – Jury is still out. Definitely young enough at 27 but even with this big push, I am waiting for it all to click. Good with promos. Solid in the ring. Nice look. Young and marketable. However, nothing can ever be accomplished in TNA. He will not draw ratings. He will not sell out arenas. He will not draw pay-per-view buy rates. He will not do business at live events. None of that is possible under the TNA umbrella. Thus, it is hard to tell. I assume WWE would love to get their hands on a talent like Magnus, but that seems down the road. Nothing that is inevitable though.

Other than that, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are obvious choices for a WWE legends type return like Chris Jericho or even Rob Van Dam. Nothing full-time but good money making short-term boosts for fans. Then there is the STILL Lingering question of Sting and if he is actually done with TNA. Again, a WWE legends deal just makes sense for him.

Aasim: Firstly, I will say Raw was awesome this week but no CM Punk, even in his hometown? I thought the rumors were 100% confirmed by that Dave guy but actually they were 100% false? CM Punk not appear in his hometown; does this mean this is his final answer and he will never return? Will future PPVs and TV shows be live in Chicago since WWE knows that if we go there, they will undoubtedly get CM Punk chants?

Couple of things:

1. I thought RAW was pretty good. Full thoughts can be read over at 411mania with my weekly column (posted late Monday night). Lots of good stuff at the top of the card with plenty of filler, as usual. On the full scale, I was entertained.

2. *sighs* How many times do I have to discuss this? Some of the reports you read online come true. Most of them, MOST of them are false and designed to get clicks and bait you into speculation. CM Punk was not on Raw and should not have been. He quit. He left. He took his ball and went home. Good! I will happily enjoy Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, The Shield, Cesaro and everybody else that has stepped up in recent months.

3. Yes, it was all but 100 percent confirmed he would be there. This exact same website who reported as such proclaimed on Tuesday afternoon they got ‘so much support of late’ and hit a ‘gigantic milestone’ the day before. Can you believe that? They falsely report a bogus story about CM Punk and then brag about making MORE money off said suckers paying money for their website? Pretty brazen move 24 hours after all but 100 percent saying Punk would be at Raw. Whatever, they do not get a dime from me and never will. Sadly, the folks reading their nonsense and all the copy/pasters will never learn.

4. As for Punk going forward, nothing changes. Hey, he could show up next week as Hulk Hogan’s major announcement for WrestleMania XXX for all I know? He could pop up at Mania in New Orleans. He could be there the night after, week after, months after or come back in a few years. Whatever, my stance has been the same. CM Punk will eventually come back at some point. I just see no reason for it to be anytime. WWE is doing great (outlined above in the beginning of the column), and I am not missing Punk one bit. Great performer but clearly in the wrong and can sit at home for all I care for awhile.

5. About WWE going to Chicago? The June PPV is set for Chicago – Payback. Therefore, they are going back there in a few months. If I were WWE, as long as they keep getting a sold out arena, keep going back. The entire ‘hijack’ garbage was all talk and no action, as expected. WWE came in, delivered a good product, and all the chanting means nothing. This imaginary ‘revolt’ everyone online keeps talking about is just that – imaginary. Again, read the stuff about BILLIONS OF DOLLARS above. A bunch of internet fans thinking they will take over result to absolutely nothing. You want actually make a statement? How about NOT buying a ticket for hundreds of dollars? How about NOT buying merchandise and spending time on WWE? How about sitting outside of the arena during Raw, so the seats would be empty for a three hour Raw? How about that? Nope, instead fans jam pack an arena, hand their money over to WWE, and then pretend they are making some kind of statement to the company. Laughable.

I think that is enough for one column. Feel free to send feedback. Also, be sure to find me on Twitter @JustinWatry and get me to 500 Twitter followers before Monday…

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