The Smark’s Remarks: TNA No Surrender 2012 Predictions

I’ll start off by saying that this card holds very little excitement for me. I’ll counter what I just said by expressing my optimism in TNA for the potential to give us an action packed pay per view. Lightning and I are once again joined by Jace Ace and KP. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys! Here we go!

BFG Series semi-final
Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

JA: So the ending of the match on iMPACT left me going, “WTF?” Since when is a headlock a legit submission? Honestly, this match could go either way, so I’ll explain my logic in the finals section below…

KP: Samoa Joe versus Jeff Hardy sounds like a death sentence to me because after the attack by Magnus on Joe, I don’t see him winning this match at all especially since this match just happened on IMPACT and he tapped out to a lame submission. It’ll be a decent match but I’m not too thrilled about it
Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins

JT: We just saw this match on Impact. Hardy will win it again this time. This won’t be a show stealer. Confidence Points – 5

ML: There’s a few things that make this match interesting, because TNA has a few outlets they can go to have the outcome of this match decided. Hardy has been relatively the quiet one in this series, racking enough points to make it to the semi-finals and with the way his World Title Matches have ended in 2012, he is a dark horse to win it. Samoa Joe is the biggest turnaround and has been impressive through this entire series. This recent Magnus feud could come into play here and cost Joe this match. This would effectively enhance the Magnus/Joe feud heading into Bound For Glory.

Prediction: Jeff Hardy
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: I’m going to go with Magnus interference or distraction is the reason Joe loses this match, despite Hardy’s recent win over Joe.

BFG Series semi-final
James Storm vs. Bully Ray

JA: This looks very promising since Bully Ray’s contract just got renewed/extended. Hard to say who’s going to win this, so let me paint the picture in the finals…

KP: James Storm versus Bully Ray seems like a coin toss right now. Because “heads” is the obvious choice having Storm go over and face the TNA World Champion but then there’s “tails” and have Bully Ray steal the whole thing. I don’t know if Aries-Storm sounds too good. Aries-Ray sounds pretty awesome to me because he can get revenge for a few months ago after Aries beat him via submission (forget that?)
Prediction: Whoever wins this match is winning the series (Bully Ray)

JT: Storm and Bully Ray have wrestled seven(give or take one) singles matches on tv and ppv this year. Storm has had the advantage in most of these matches, and I don’t expect this one to be any different. I expect James Storm to win this match and advance to the bound for glory series finals. Confidence Points – 5

ML: After a rough start for Bully, he sure did turn it around quickly and sneak into this Top 4. Everyone’s pick to win this series has been James Storm due to Storm’s feud with Roode. And everyone knew that the original plan was for Storm to win this. At this point, it seems almost too predictable. James Storm doesn’t have to win the BFGS to be in the World Title picture. Just being a former champion automacially puts him in that picture. That’s not the same for Bully, though. His best chance to enter the World Title scene would be to win this series and get his opportunity. He needs this more than Storm does.

Prediction: Bully Ray
Confidence Points: 2

QuickNote: I’m thinking Aces & Eights could play a factor into this; maybe where they come down to distract or interfere to help Storm and Storm incidentally distracts himself with their prescence and Bully Ray pulls off a surprise win.

TNA Knockouts Title match
Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

JA: Without Hebner to help her win, I think Tara’s going to become the new Knockouts Champion. Plain and simple.

JT: I’ve been praising TNA over and over for their quality knockouts matches and their dedication to making the knockouts division serious and relevant. I’m very impressed with the job they’ve done. Tessmacher was beat by Tara on open fight night, and now it’s time for Tara to pass the torch so to speak. Tessmacher will retain her title in this one. Confidence Points – 5

ML: Teacher vs Pupil Match with the teacher already getting a win over the pupil on Impact. Tara has had a good run in women’s wrestling wherever she’s been. And when Miss Tessmacher became champion, I stated that she wasn’t ready. My opinion hasn’t changed and she hasn’t done anything to change it. Maybe it’s the way she’s been booked but I feel her reign has been lackluster. After the one day title change with Madison Rayne, it’d be hard to think TNA would book this in favor of Tara.

Prediction: Miss Tessmacher to retain the TNA Knockout Title
Confidence Points: 4

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus

JA: Don’t see much appeal in this match No build, no nothing. This’ll be like a televised dark match. Based on his 2 promos on iMPACT last Thursday, I’m guessing Magnus is getting a push and so he’ll win this match.

KP: Rob Van dam against Magnus? Where’s the build? Where’s the meat? What’s the attraction? It just feels like more filler that I don’t want to see.
Prediction: Rob Van Dam wins

JT: RVD has been solid since his arrival in TNA, and he’s in that role right now where he just works good matches and keeps his mouth shut. I’ve heard rumors that TNA has big things in store for Magnus, and so that’s the obvious pick to win the match for me. The only exception here would be Samoa Joe returning the favor to Magnus for attacking him on Impact, but I don’t see that happening. Magnus wins. Confidence Points – 5

Rob Van Dam v. Magnus

ML: I’m slightly confused by this match. I know that it’s simply a filler match but there hasn’t been any real buildup for this match. If TNA wanted to have their top names on a filler card, they should have added Mr. Anderson to this match. Why? Because essentially that’s what they did when booking this match.

Prediction: Magnus
Confidence Points: 3

QuickNote: TNA and some veteran wrestlers are high on Magnus, combined with the recent newfound aggression, there is big things to come for him. A win over RVD will start him off in that direction.

TNA X Division Title match
Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt

JA: Not a big fan of either of these two guys to be honest, so I’m going take the easy way out on this one and say Zema wins.

KP: Zema Ion and Sonjay Dutt….not saying this won’t be a good match but what build has this match even had, if there was any I obviously missed it or didn’t care for it. It’s a damn shame how that division was the centerpiece and main draw for a while and now they have become a shell of their former selves.
Prediction: Zema Ion retains

JT: The X-Division. The talented wrestlers on TNA’s roster that have barely been featured since their AWESOME performance at Destination X. Brilliant booking, TNA. I don’t know why people have a problem with me criticizing TNA when they book things how they do. This match has almost no build to it. Ion will keep the belt; it’s his run and it’s nowhere near finished. Confidence Points – 5

ML: Haven’t really heard a lot from Sonjay, but with this title shot I feel I can safely assume that either he’s been doing things on Explosion or Sonjay has in fact resigned with TNA. The latter I haven’t heard about on whether he has or not, but I’m really excited for this match and his impact(no pun intended) on the X-Division, so I hope he has. Zema Ion’s title reign has been lackluster as well. It showed promise immediately following his title win, but after Dakota Darsow, there hasn’t been too much for him. His booking has died slowly. Again, this could be from the fact I don’t get to see Explosion.

Prediction: Sonjay Dutt to capture his 1st X-Division Title
Confidence Points: 1

QuickNote: This is a risk for me mainly because I’m not 100% sure if Dutt has resigned. But if he has, I suspect that he will take the title off of Zema here.

Finals of BFG Series to determine who faces TNA World Hvt. champion Austin Aries at the Bound for Glory PPV

JA: Okay, so my prior 2 predictions were cop outs, but here’s why. Based on booking these are my 2 most likely scenarios for this to play out:

1. Bully Ray def. Jeff Hardy. Why? Well, Hardy’s huge with the crowd, but I doubt he’s going to win it. TNA officials are high on Bully, especially with him resigning. Something just tells me that if he makes it to the finals, he stands a good choice of winning it.

2. James Storm def. Samoa Joe. Why? Samoa Joe will beat Jeff Hardy out of revenge for iMPACT. I really can’t see Joe competing for the World Heavyweight belt. I don’t know why, but James Storm seems like a better pick.

KP: No pick submitted.

JT: My finals would be James Storm and Jeff Hardy. This tournament has been James Storm’s to win, and I don’t think the plan has changed at all. Bully Ray was a good pick to go forward to BFG, but I think Storm challenging Aries will be far more compelling for the Aces and Eights storyline(unless Bully Ray is behind Aces and Eights and wins the World Title because of it).

ML: Bully Ray v. Jeff Hardy. Will this be the finals? Probably not. If my semi-finals predictions fail me, then this is where I would suspect Magnus to cost Samoa Joe. If my semi-finals predictions are right, I suspect that this will be Bully Ray’s time.

Prediction: Bully Ray to win the BFGS
Confidence Points: 3

QuickNote: Risking a lot here and giving Thunder a chance to catch me. But between TNA and WWE’s lack of creativity on both their parts, I’m thinking that this would be a good time for TNA to actually get creative.

TNA Tag Title match
Daniels & Kazarian vs. A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle

JA: Styles has been wanting his revenge for a while now. If he defeats them, this feud is all said and done (and good riddance.) I’m predicting Styles & Angle to win, but not stay champions for long. Something tells me they’ll just be transitional champs.

KP: Doesn’t this match sound familiar? Couldn’t they have done something new? It’ll be a great match but since I’ve seen it already I can’t say I really want to see it again. Only matches that can be held as an exception to see more than once in a year….involve us talking about the company up North and we’re talking about the one in the South,
Prediction: Daniels & Kazarian retain
Note: I’m glad the storyline about the pregnancy thing is over.

JT: This will be the match of the night, so it should go on last. That said, I’m sick of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. The two have rivaled forever. It’s time to do something new with them. Anyone want to see Daniels go against a face Bully Ray? How about AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy having a feud(it might’ve been done, but it was awhile ago). TNA, please give me something FRESH! That aside, these guys will dazzle us like they always do and make us forget that none of this ppv card existed up until three days before the event. Styles and Angle will become tag team champs once again. Confidence Points – 5

ML: TNA dropped the ball with this one, in my opinion. They had Kaz and Daniels lose, but decided to put Angle AND Styles into the BFGS, so in Angle and Styles’ first title defense, TNA booked then to drop the titles back to Kaz and Daniels. Now, Angle and Styles didn’t make the Top 4 in the BFGS, so they team back up to try and regain the tag titles. Does any of that make sense? TNA should have just kept the titles on Daniels and Kaz this whole time. The title switch didn’t make sense and was a head scratcher.

Prediction: Kurt Angle & AJ Styles to win the TNA Tag Team Titles
Confidence Points: 4

Teased “fight” between Austin Aries and Aces & Eights member “The Armbreaker”

JA: Austin Aries vs. Luke Gallows. I’m predicting this will go down last and end in a no contest.

KP: AA versus an Aces & Eights member….not exactly a match so I don’t know if a prediction here would matter at all.

JT: Thanks TNA. I didn’t want to see a legitimate match for a World Title. That would just be too much to ask for on a pay per view that has no build. I’d love to see one of the Aces and Eights members revealed as Bobby Roode. I originally thought Roode and Storm would join forces again and be the leaders of Aces and Eights. Now, my opinion has changed. I don’t think TNA has decided how the storyline will play out, and I think there are multiple possiblities of who could be in charge of the group. Sting could be the leader of the group, as could Bully Ray. Storm and Roode could be in charge, as could Austin Aries. It could also be Hogan’s group. It’s hard to say for sure what direction TNA will go in. This match will be a joke and a brawl. I’d expect a no-contest here if a match even takes place. Confidence Points – 1

ML: No World Title match. Nothing really booked for the World Champion. Let’s have a possible open challenge with the Aces & Eights. This main event is either going to be extremely lame and pointless or it could be a masterpiece of booking genius. There is endless possibilities with this open challenge, it’s just a matter of how TNA is going to go about it. I don’t suspect that Aries’ title will be on the line at all. And I suspect that TNA won’t reveal the leader of Aces & Eights at this PPV but it could end up revealing at least one, maybe two of the members. This is definitely interesting and will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

Prediction: If there is a match – Aces & Eights
Confidence Points: 1

QuickNote: Remember, I don’t speculate about DQ’s, No contests, things like that. But I suspect that this won’t actually be a match but a straight up fight. Which would respectively end in a no contest.

I’ll leave you with KP’s final thoughts, and that’s mostly because his opinion sums up what I’m feeling about this show:

I may sound negative, unhappy, not really wanting to see the PPV but whose fault is that? TNA basically announced most of the card 3 days ago. It’s brutal, I don’t expect a good buyrate. I expect decent matches but I don’t think they’ll do much of significance. Some things are cool; other things are just head scratchers all around. To me it’s not enough to buy it, not enough to bother streaming. It’ll be a forgettable show in my humble opinion. I hope I’m wrong but from what I see on the card, I don’t know what will happen there.

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