SmugStuff: 2CW iPPV On April 20th And Why You Should Watch

Let me start by saying this article will mainly work on convincing people who have never watched 2CW.

2CW or Squared Circle Wrestling is a promotion which had its debut show back on April 8th, 2006 and runs mainly in the New York area and up until recently there has been no way, short of ordering DVDs or attending live, to watch this product but on April 20th, 2012 this will change as they will host their first ever iPPV, “Living On The Edge 8”. Best of all, it’s FREE!!

The event will be live at 8:00 PM and take place from Watertown Fairgrounds Arena in Watertown, NY. Doors open at 5:30

If you are a fan of WWE then you know John Morrison, who while always underutilized in WWE, will be MAIN EVENTING at this event as he goes one on one against 2CW Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Steen. This match should be an amazing match with some fantastic spots!!

The Co-Main-Event features another star most WWE fans will recognize in Matt Hardy. Hardy will compete against Sami Callihan who is arguably one of the most popular independent stars in the business today. This match also promises to be absolutely amazing.

Spike Dudley of ECW fame will have a No Holds Barred batch against Masada in what should be yet another fantastic match and should appeal and entertain all of you former ECW fans as well as the casual wrestling fan.

In a match, I believe will could be the show stealer will feature “Juggernaut” Jason Axe vs. Isys Ephex in a Stairway To Hell. This match, while it may not feature any athletes you recognize but I promise these two guys are two of the most amazing wrestlers you will ever see and to make it even better, Jay Freddie, who is another amazing talent will be special referee in this.

Pun and Graham have a tag team challenge featuring Pun and Graham, CK (Sean Carr and Kage), Planet Fitness (“Muscle” Marcos and Cheech”), Electric Dream Machine (“Studly” Steve McKenzie and Loca Vida), and “Supercop” Dick Justice, Peter D. Order and Eric M Timmins (EMT). This should also be yet another amazing event.

Also featured: Rachel Summerlynn, Colin Delaney, Super Smash Brothers, and more. More matches to be announced soon.

2CW has what is one of the most dedicated, loyal fanbase. One that is often compared to the original ECW fans, even by Bill Alphonso.

If you live in the Watertown, NY area I highly recommend you attend this live. While speaking to people who have been to several 2CW shows my feedback was all positive. Things like:

“Best live show I ever attended”
“I would recommend 2CW show over even a WWE show”
“I would attend without knowing a single match”
“Best wrestling in the world today”
“Worth every penny”
“I drive over 100 miles each month to attend and would drive more”

There was alot more positive feedback that I just did not include here but as mentioned above, it was all very very positive.

I have watched many 2CW shows over the years and I will say they never disappoint. Each show is full of action and has a little something for every type of wrestling fan. If you are not a fan of 2CW then please watch this show as you won’t be disappointed.

With the iPPV being free you have nothing to lose except a few hours, so I urge everyone to make the time to watch. The PPV can be watched at

More information on 2CW can be found at

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  • Michael Ewing

    I love 2CW. I’ve been to three live events and the iPPV weekend will make four and five. I’ve been following the company on DVD since the first 2012 show. While not every DVD has been “blowaway” there’s definitely things I can say I liked from each one that made the purchase worth it.

    As far as the iPPV goes, the card is loaded and, unless you are attending live, it’s 100% free. All you have to lose is a few hours. I’d say definitely give them a shot, you’ll be more than happy you did.