SmugStuff: Exclusive Interview With 2CW’s Jack Trades

Due to the demanding schedule of the upcoming iPPV and LOTE 8, we were unable to lineup a time for an interview on the phone, but we arranged to email the questions and answer them this way.

We have setup and WILL do an interview in the near future, discussing the Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame show and the after math of LOTE 8. Stay tuned…

PWM: How did you get involved with 2CW?

JT: Right time, right place. I happen to be in line for a(cough) WWE show and was handed a flyer. 2CW was putting on their fourth show in my town. I contacted them and talked my way in, been here ever since.

PWM: What do you for for 2CW?

JT: What DON’T I do? I book talent, head the ring crew and ANYTHING the promoter asks of me, as well as the fans. My name isn’t just a character, I AM the Jack of all Trades.

PWM: Is this business one you always wanted to be in?

JT: Without a doubt. Wrestling was always an outlet for me, always there for me. I’m just lucky enough to live a childhood dream and actually give back to it.

PWM: Tell me a little about the #iam2cW campaign?

JT: It’s simple. If anyone has been following us once thing is certain, our fanbase is ravid and loyal. No other tag line fits.

PWM: The iPPV is in just a few days, what do you hope is accomplished with this PPV?

JT: To show the WORLD, we are the measuring stick. Where other promotions can’t sell out the first row, we sell it in minutes. That for seven years we have dominated independent wrestling. TWO years in row voted number ONE indy promotion of the year, TWICE in a row Match of the Year. That’s not 2CW saying it, it’s the wrestling community. Now it’s time for everyone to become 2CW.

PWM: Just to clarify, are there plans for any future iPPV?

JT: Who knows, let’s just get through this weekend, then on the Hall of Fame in Amsterdam.

PWM: What goals do you have for 2CW in 2013? What would you like to see or achieve?

JT: The only next logical step, is television. We deserve to be on a national platform.

PWM: What are your thoughts on the verbal crowds of 2CW?

JT: 2CW crowds are the GREATEST wrestling fans in the world! Reminds me of ECW days. Loyal, fun and good hearted people. Without our fans, we are nothing.

PWM: Your thoughts on the state of the business in general?

JT: Ugh…lol. I’m forty-five. I’ve been watching wrestling before the big boom, the kayfabe days. I THANK GOD for 2CW for me to be able to enjoy wrestling. Cuz what’s on Tv today, is crap most of the time.

PWM: Who would you like to see in 2CW that you haven’t yet?

JT: Cliff Compton. I like Mr. 18 59.

PWM: Anyone that has caused trouble that you would like to not see back?

JT: Yeah, TONS of them! LOL, NO. For the most part, 2CW is collective effort and everyone is on board. Wrestlers quickly get the vibe this is important and real, not a place to be foolish.

PWM: Any legend that has been used you would like to see back?

JT: Jerry Lynn. Terry Funk IS returning. And Sgt. Slaughter.

PWM: Would you like to see 2CW travel around more or prefer keeping it the area?

JT: Do I have to drive? LOL. I would love to take it on the road and return to NY a few times a year. Meanwhile being taped for television.

PWM: Do you have a favorite moment in 2CW?

JT: Hundreds. I’ve been fortunate to be in spots and do alot in 2CW. Being put through a table by RJ BRewer and Jimmy Olsen always brings a smile. But there are too many to count.

PWM: Would you like to see more of any specific type of match in 2CW? Ie: hardcore, ladder, etc?

JT: The less I have to clean up after the better. How about checkers? Two out of three falls.

PWM: Let’s say I’m a new fan, never watched 2CW but I am debating watching for the first time, what do you say to sell me?

JT: I simply say this, if you are a TRUE wrestling fan, 2CW is what you need to be watching. For over seven years they have put on incredible show after show and have done things that NO other independent companies have ever done. Our workers, become the next superstars on television. Our product, speaks for itself so all you need to do is witness it, and you will become 2CW.


2CWs iPPV can be viewed completely FREE at, this Saturday (April 20th, 2013) at 8PM.

I highly recommend ordering this especially if you have never had the chance to watch 2CW, it’s free! What do you have to lose?

iPPV info:
Living On The Edge VIII / IFFV – Live from Watertown, NY Fairgrounds Arena – Door 5pm, come watch in person. Live Show and Webcast starts at 8pm EST.

Kevin Steen, 2CW Champion VS. John Hennigan (Morrison), Challenger

Matt Hardy VS. Sami Callihan

Isys Ephex VS. “Juggernaut” Jason Axe

Spike Dudley VS. MASADA

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana VS. “Slyck” Wagner Brown

Colin Delaney & Rachel Summerlyn VS. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb

Features: Punisher VanSlyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham, 2CW Tag Team Champions; CK (Sean Carr & Kage); Planet Fitness (Cheech & “Muscle” Marcos); Electric Dream Machine (“Studly” Steve McKenzie & Loca Vida); “Supercop” Dick Justice, Peter D. Order, & Eric M. Timmins


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