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SmugStuff Special: Interview With Independent Star Jay Freddie

First off let me include that I am currently working on a transcript for this interview and it will be edited accordingly in coming days for those of you who prefer to read over listen to the interview.

We sit down for an hour and have in depth interview with 2CW and independent star Jay Freddie.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jay Freddie, he is an independent wrestler who wrestles mainly for the 2CW promotion but does make appearances in other independent promotions.

He is a former 2CW Heavyweight Champion, has made appearances on ROH and TNA.

More information can be found about Jay Freddie at JFreddie.com
You can follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/jay_freddie
His facebook can be located here http://www.facebook.com/jfreddie
Information on 2CW can be found at www.2cwwrestling.com

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