SmugStuff: Looking At 2CW’s Living On The Edge 9 iPPV

This Friday, April 18th, 2014, 2CW wrestling will host its first iPPV (it previously had 2 iFFV) live from The Watertown Fairgrounds Arena, 600 William T. Field Drive, Watertown, New York

With that said I want to break down the matches of this weekends 2CW iPPV “Living On The Edge IX”. I will discuss each match, the talent, and tell you why you should/should not order this iPPV. For those of you who are unfamiliar with 2CW (Squared Circle Wrestling), it is a promotion based out of Syracuse, New York and has been up and running since 2006. It has a mix of hardcore, technical, high-flying wrestling, and more. Last year they held two iFFV (free for all) and will be hosting its first iPPV this Friday, April 18th.

The first match I will discuss is the advertised “Six-Man tag team match” between ZSIII & Electric Dream Machine (“Studly” Steve McKenzie & Guero Loco) VS. Bin Hamin, Eric Mohammed Timmins & Pete “Dirty Bomb” Order. Now if you are unfamiliar with 2CW you probably do not know some/all of these guys but if you are a wrestling fan, you should watch this match if for no other reason then Bin Hamin. Bin Hamin, is a person who “gets” the business, which is to say he always stays in character, he knows how to work a crowd, and has talent in the ring. Please note that I am not saying anything negative about the other athletes in this match.

Next up we have Yusuke Kodama VS. Cheech in a singles match. Yusuke Kodoma was trained by Tajiri, which is enough of a reason to watch this match but for some that won’t be enough to sale. Yusuke has a special “something’ in the ring which make him really stand out and I have no way of describing it so i’ll just say watch him, watch him perform. Cheech is amazing talent as well. This should be a nice back and fourth match between two great athletes.

Jay Freddie VS. Rionne Fujiwara. I have spoke with Freddie on a number of a occasion and can tell you he has a rare love for the business. This match should be a nice one on one match. I wouldn’t expect any “history making” moves here, just a great, technical match. Jay Freddie usually goes above and beyond so this should be a good match.

Next up is Punisher VanSlyke & Kevin “The Man” Graham, 2CW Tag Team Champions VS. CK (Sean Carr & Kage), Challengers in a fans dressed in togas bring the weapons, tag team championship match. Well if you are able to say the match type 3 times fast, congratulations. This match is clearly going to appeal to the ‘hardcore’ wrestling fans. This should be a fun, hardcore match with plenty of weapons.

Kevin Steen VS. Alex Shelley in a singles match. If you have watched an independent company chances are you know who Kevin Steen is and what talent he has. Anyone who watches wrestling knows who Alex Shelley is, unless you watch only WWE, in which case this article will not convince you. This match should be quiet an exciting one as both Steen and Shelley have huge talent, both can work crowd. This match has potential to be a show stealer.

Matt Hardy VS. “Juggernaut” Jason Axe in a singles match (first time ever). Ok well I will obviously not tell you who Matt Hardy is or what he is capable of as chances are you know. Jason Axe is a former 2CW heavyweight champion and it was a title that was well deserved. This guy has enough talent to carry a small organization and he deserves everything he has gotten. This match should be an excellent one as well.

Unholy Alliance (Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck) VS. AR FOX & Rich Swann. This match for me is one I am looking most forward to but that is partly because Tajiri and Whipwreck was one of the first tag teams I ever watched live. AR FOX and Rich Swann can carry there own and for that reason I feel like this maybe an excellent tag team match. Tajiri is one of, if not the best Japanese wrestler’s I have ever watched. Unholy Alliance will also be a nice throwback to you ECW fans out there.

AJ Styles VS. Johnny Gargano in a singles match (first time ever).Again with this one I don’t feel the need to tell you who AJ Styles is or what he can do, you probably know, if you don’t, you need to. Johnny Gargano, probably best known for his time in Absolute Intense Wrestling (where he debuted in 2006 and still competes there) is a wrestler, who at the age of 26 has all the talent in the world. Sadly, I myself have not seen as much of his as I would like but what I have seen, I liked, ALOT.

MAIN EVENT – Capt. Nick Ando, 2CW Heavyweight Champion VS. Isys Ephex VS. Colin Delaney VS. Dalton Castle VS. Gregory Iron VS. Dick Justice Captains Match: Elimination Match And/Or the first one to pin the champion win for the 2CW World Heavyweight Championship. Oh boy where to even start with this match. First off, elimination matches are always fun to watch and usually full of action. This match will probably be the highlight and the place you get your moneys worth (assuming Steen/Shelley does not steal the show). Typically speaking, independent companies do a very good job with main events because, well they have something to prove and want you coming back (same is true for most/all of the show) and 2CW is no exception to the rule.

Writer’s Answeres: (these are actual questions emailed to me about this exact show

Will 2CW’s iPPV be worth the $9.99 price?
-While previous 2CW shows have been free to view,it was a “foot in the door” type of thing. No business can thrive giving product away all the time. If you watched the 2 free iFFV then your mind should be already made up. If you have never watched 2CW and you have the money to spare, then you should definately order. They always deliver and if you are fan of wrestling, you never get left feeling “robbed”. Some companies charge $14.99 or $19.99 for a lesser product, not to say all who charge that are less. Bottom line is give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Will you be ordering the 2CW Living on The Edge 9 iPPV?
– No I have no plans of ordering this show live but only because I will be up in the area so will be attending the event live.

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