SmugStuff: Looking At The 4/20/13 2CW Living On The Edge VIII iPPV

Last Saturday (4/20/13) 2CW presented their first ever iPPV, or in this case iFFV, with Living On The Edge VIII.

If this show was missed it can see be viewed at and I highly recommend you do so.

Writer’s Note: It is worth mentioning that this article was written after attending the show live and then watching the iFFV stream. It is also worth nothing that this article was cut down in size because I feared it was too long and carried on and readers would lost interest.

There was a show on 4/19 which I had planned to attend and give detailed results for however due to a funeral I was unable to attend this show and have only been able to find quick results online. I will mention that Isys Ephex won the world title the night before this iFFV.

The opening match was Colt Cabana vs Slyck Wagner Brown (with Big Business) it what was easily one of the best opening matches I have seen on a PPV in a long time. The fans were ravid for this match and really into it. Colt Cabana is one of the best known independent wrestlers in the world and this match really shows why. Sadly, I missed alot of this match live because I was trying to get my iPhone to work so I could do live results. Nevertheless, excellent match and I would give it an 8 out of 10!!! Brown took the victory as he should have seeing to how he is the regular in this match! Fans loved Cabana

Bin Hamin and Milan X vs Zachary Springate III in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

I decided I finally wanted to give up on the live results because I missed too much of the first match and I drove a long way to see this show. Bin Hamin is a guy who truly understands the business and absolutely never breaks character on twitter/facebook, its a rarity in the business but an amazing thing.

This match seems to have received alot of hate online and I do not really understand why. While this match was easily my least favorite of the night (had tough competition) it was a good match.

Everyone in this match worked very hard and performed well. The fans were not as into this match but love to hate Bin Hamin.

This was an entertaining match from start to finish but was definately not of main-even caliber.

A fireball was thrown on Springate III’s (ZSIII) face but sadly the cameras missed it so it will not be shown on the stream. This match earns a 6.5/10

Colin Delaney vs. Dalton Castle

I am a huge fan of Colin Delaney and he has improved so much recently but for some reason this match is the one I expected to be the sleeper of the night but I was WRONG!

This was an excellent match and was easily better than the the matches before it. Dalton Castle, who I have seen but am not overly familiar with put on an amazing performance. He had, apparently made his 2CW debut the previous night.

The fans loved this match, I loved this match, everyone loved this match and for good reason. This match shows what makes 2CW what it is.

Colin Delaney was able to pick up the victory in this match which I would give an 9/10. Just a truly amazing match.

MASADA vs Spike Dudley – No Holds Barred

This is a match I was looking EXTREMEly forward to (see what I did there?). No hold barred matches is a match type that I almost always enjoy watching so was definitely waiting for this match.

This was a good match but did come up just a little short for me. I expected more from a no holds barred match especially one with Spike Dudley involved.

Now to clarify, it did not fall short as a match, it fell short as a no holds barred match. Both guys put on a good performance and the crowd was really into it. I think maybe I was just expecting too much from this match.

MASADA took the victory when Kevin Steen and Jason Axe attacked spike and put MASADA on top of him for the pin, which I also was not a fan of.

I give this match a 5.7/10 and would love to see a rematch between these two.

Pete D. Order & Dick Justice (with EMT) vs. Electric Dream Machine (Steve Mackenzie & Loca Vida) vs. Planet Fitness (Muscle Marcos & Cheech) vs. Team CK (Sean Carr and Kage) vs. First Class (Kevin Graham and Mike Van Slyke)(champions) for the 2CW Tag Team Titles

This was an amazing elimination match and the fans were REALLY REALLY into this match. I typically do not like matches with more than 2, maybe 3 teams but this one was good, very good.

First class was able to retain the titles in a match where everyone worked very hard. Anyone of these teams could have one that match and deserved the victory.

This match gets a 8.8/10 as it had lots of action, spots, everything you could ask for in a tag match.

Sami Callihan vs Matt Hardy

Right off the start I appreciated the fact that Matt Hardy came out to the “Old Hardy Boyz Theme”

Whenever I ask people to name an independent wrestler they know but not from the big two, Sami Callihan is the most common response and for good reason.

Sami has been showing up everywhere lately and the man is just a beast. Decent sized guy, nice speed, powerhouse, and just an amazing athlete.

I made a statement late last year Matt Hardy’s appearance was easily his best independent performance ever and that was true at the time but this match, in my opinion, replaced that one as Matt’s best independent show and is probably as good of a show as Matt will be able to put on in 2013. That is not a shot against Matt but people age.

Both men put on an absolutely amazing show and was the best match and 2CW should be proud of themselves for booking Matt Hardy. Everytime Matt is booked at a show I begin having doubts but at this point that is almost unnecessary as he has been on fire since late last year.

I would give this match 7.8/10 and both men deserve some recognition for this match, just a damn good match.

Jimmy Jacobs and Christie Von Eerie vs. Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb

This match was one of my least my favorite matches of the night but again its up against stiff competition. Everyone in this match worked hard and the crowd seemed to like it just fine but, personally, I wasnt that into this match.

I would not take anything away from the people involved in this match but the match itself felt very flat to me. Again, I would personally love to see all of these people involved in a rematch just under different circumstances as it had ingredients to be a great one.

I would give this match a 5.5/10 as much as I hate to rate anything on this show that low

Jason Axe vs Isys Ephex(champion) with special guest referee Jay Freddie – Stairway To Hell Match for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship

As Jason Axe, Jay Freddie and Isys Ephex are all three some of my favorite wrestlers to watch in 2CW this match is one I was very VERY excited for.

As many of you know I frequently attended original ECW shows in Philadelphia so Stairway To Hell matches are nothing new to me.

This match was an excellent match and felt like it should have been the main event to me. That said, this match was a crazy intense match with everything I expected from these guys.

For some reason, I felt Jason Axe was going to walk away with the victory in this match but being wrong is not always a bad thing. This was not the best “ladder” match I have every watched but it was damn good and easily the best I have seen in a very very long time.

This match is the one I would have used as a selling point had the show not been free to watch anyway. Everyone in this match was super impressive.

I would give this match a 9.3/10 and would love to see a rematch with these two guys.

Kevin Steen vs John Morrison – Main Event

John Morrison looked great in this match and put up on an excellent show. Lots of his usual spots and stuff the fans loved.

Kevin Steen was his usual self, which is a very very good thing. Kevin Steen has probably the best “moveset” of anyone in the business and I love to watch him perform. He can carry anyone and make them look good so when he is fighting Morrison, who is good, its outstanding.

It seems everyone expected John Morrison to pick up this victory, which he did. This match was a great way to finish off a fantastic iPPV but I still think this match and the Stairway To Hell should have been swapped. That said I would give this match a 9/10

Weaknesses– 2CW has their act together and don’t usually show many weaknesses but I have to write something so the finish for the Spike Dudley match was disappointing but time will tell if the payoff is worth it. While I love Bin Hammin, sometimes he gets to gets to where he is a little “too out there”.

Strengths– The commentating was fantastic on the actual stream of this show was fantastic. John McGraw is always amazing and despite having my doubts Colin Delaney was also fantastic. A+++ to 2CW for having the best independent announcer in the business. The fans are always one of the best part of watching a 2CW show.

What I would drop– This is always the hardest part of any review for me to write because the list is USUALLY very small. I would definitely change some of the camera angles on the stream as it was occasionally a bad angle and missing the fireball was disappointing

What I would keep– I would keep the commentators and most of the performers here. Everyone worked really hard and you could tell everyone had something to prove. I also appreciated the video packages making this look like a PPV as oppose to a house show they decided to put on PPV at the last second

Overall show– I have watched many 2CW shows in the past and this was easily my favorite. If you haven’t watched the stream I highly recommend you do so here as well as buy the DVD when it is available to help support this company. This was excellent stuff and you could tell hard work went into it. I hope they gained some long-term viewers off this show.

The atmosphere live was amazing and fans were really happy to be there. Most of the ones I spoke with were 2CW regulars and attend most shows.

The iFFV stream had great picture quality, great commentating and I spoke with several people who claim that while they had never watched a 2CW show live they plan to order back DVDs and follow the company from here on out. A Very successful weekend for 2CW indeed.

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