SmugStuff: Can Ring Of Honor Survive Weekly Television

Arguably the most popular independent wrestling promotion in the country today is Ring Of Honor.

Ring Of Honor is a company that started back in 2002 and featured many great matches and talent that were full of heart and charisma. Many of whom went on to be successful.

Wrestlers like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan (then Bryan Danielson), AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and so many more have all come through or started in Ring Of Honor at some point or another.

Now ROH has changed a lot over the years and have recently started to really build momentum, largely thanks to a buy-out and a weekly TV show.

A question I get asked a lot is what ROH needs to do to gain more momentum and stay in the indy spotlight.

The first thing that needs to be done is ROH needs to adapt from the shows they have put on to a show that feels more like a television show. This is actually something they have started to do.

ROH is infamous for letting talent leave to go elsewhere, while this has reduced over the last year or so it still happens way too often.

Since selling to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, ROH, has, rightfully, placed more people in the office. More office people mean more people to answer to which is not a bad thing as long as everyone can get on the same page.

While the iPPV viewers have been growing as of late they still need to try to strike a deal with on-demand or some other provider to try and get a real PPV. This tends to help viewership grow by word of mouth, curiosity, and people watching at a friends house. Yes, this can be done with an iPPV but is not in the same scale.

ROH needs to know they are no longer the only serious, popular independent company and the popularity could turn in a single day or with one mistake so they need to make sure to stay ahead of the competition.

They need to create and push “homegrown” talent as this is important for any company to grow. This has been a major flaw of many companies. This was a HUGE problem in the early 2000’s when every company wanted to use WCW/ECW stars and rehash old storylines.

While wrestling can work without being to storyline based you do need some sort of storyline to keep viewers tuning in and coming back on a week to week basis.

Great feuds, while ROH tends to have this down, is something that needs to be used but not drag out too long as feuds can grow old after a short time.

Being on the road is something ROH does right and needs to continue doing as it both draws in new audience and keeps fans wanting more and waiting on you to come back.

I will say this however, ROH has had its fair share of mistakes this year from bad iPPV feeds to several cancelled road shows and this needs to decrease as some fans can be unforgiven when it comes to things like this, especially old school wrestling fans.

Lastly, while there weekly TV show is available in a large percentage of American homes, they should, and may eventually, seek a TV show on a much larger, national channel so more homes would have access.

With all this and if ROH keeps doing things right they could easily be around for many many more years and stay in the top of the independent scene.