SmugStuff Special: What Independent Companies Will Succeed This Year

Each year several new independent companies begin to shine while others that had started to gain momentum begin to fall flat. Today we will take a look at what companies we predict will gain and lose momentum. Which ones will not change much? The list below is in no certain order.

Extreme Rising: Extreme Rising is a company that really gained momentum throughout 2012 mainly for its promises of being a “second coming” of ECW and while the first show fell flat to most fans, the company only improved with each show throughout the year.

In April of this year the company was scheduled to have another over Wrestlemania weekend and was forced to cancel due to low ticket sales.

While I do somewhat enjoy watching Extreme Rising I believe this company will fall-flat this year due to the fact that most fans I have spoke with losing fait in the company and having no plans to buy tickets to future shows. However, just because these fans say it does not mean its what they actually do so I could be wrong.

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Hardcore Roadtrip: After months of hyping the promotion and announcing several big stars including Sabu, Scott Steiner, Joel Gertner and more, most of whom were unable to show up for one reason or another, this promotion finally had the debut show on March 2nd, 2013.

Despite the fact that most of the big advertised starts failed to show, the fans I spoke with all enjoyed the show and was willing and ready to pay to see a second show, which was said to be in the works.

However, nearly 2 months have passed and people who preordered the DVDs have yet to receive, promised information of a second show has yet to come out.

Fans have begin to run out of patience and lost all faith in this company so I believe this one will also fall-flat this year. The first show was enjoyable if you enjoy hardcore wrestling.

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Ring Of Honor: I know several people don’t even consider ROH an independent company any longer but this article is not about debating that. Ring Of Honor has found much success in previous years, getting a TV show in select areas and having several successful iPPV.

I am a fan of ROH and do enjoy watching it but I do not see them gaining much more success than they already have, atleast not this year. Time will tell for sure though.

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Squared Circle Wrestling-2CW is a company that has won independent promotion of the year for two consecutive years over at PWI.

Just one week ago (April 20th, 2013) 2CW had its first iPPV and the viewer reviews of it have all been positive. They have announced another upcoming iPPV this year and because of this I can only see this company getting bigger this year.

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AAW Wrestling-AAW Wrestling is a promotion I have just recently started watching because of word of mouth so my education on its history is limited.

I have watched several shows and enjoyed many of them. Talking to fans of the promotion, and more importantly fans who are starting to get into the promotion I can only see this company getting slightly larger this year.

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Resistance Pro-Resistance Pro is a company that is owned by Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan and as far as independent promotions go started out pretty successful and got to get big quick thus skipping the struggle some have.

I have not seen any sign that this promotion is losing any momentum and seems each week I talk to someone who is a new fan so I am leaning, albeit slightly, toward the fact that this company will get larger this year.

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Dragon Gate USA/Evolve-While these are technically two separate promotions the way the companies function leaves me putting them in the same category.

Like Resistance these companies took off pretty quickly and show no sign of slowing down and for this reason I am leaning toward them getting slightly bigger this year.

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Writer’s Note:I in no way am saying these are the only independent companies that will have a change this year as there are so many I would NEVER cover them all.

I would love for you to comment below with your own opinions.

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