SmugStuff – Taking A Look At Tommy Dreamer’s House Of Hardcore

First let me open by saying this is my first article here on but I am not at all new to the writing business. I am a longtime wrestling fan and was a HUGE fan of ECW due to my time in Philly. With that said I hope you enjoy my work.

On Saturday, October 6th, Tommy Dreamer will host his inaugural ‘House Of Hardcore’ show. I am going to give an in depth look at how the show could succeed and what the show needs to be and then I am going to take a detailed look at the advertised matches for this event and tell you my opinion of each outcome.

House of Hardcore promises to be a very good, entertaining show for multiple reasons. One reason for this is Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer is a man who has big ties and is well respected within the industry and for that reason he should be able to get several stars so I expect lots of surprises here.

House Of Hardcore has potential to be very successful as the wrestling fans of old are craving some new, exciting and original. However, we all know Tommy Dreamer was involved in ECW and loved it, however for this company to succeed and cannot be a ripoff of ECW. I am not saying it cannot take aspects of but the “ECW 2.0” horse has been beat to death, brought back and then beat again.

Secondly, at some point down the road, HoH needs to start developing starts of there own in stead of using just for WWE/ECW stars or a few already establised CZW/Indy stars.

Tommy, has a good head on his shoulders and has been involved backstage with booking and writing as far back as the original ECW where he helped Paul Heyman. He is a well known name and can probably deliver an excellent product.

I hope this company, any company succeeds because we really really need something new in the wrestling industry. That is not a bash against WWE or TNA, each company is good for what it is but more competition is always better.

Matches announced already are as follows:
“War Machine” Rhino vs. “Death Machine” Sami Callihan – This match has great potential and could easily be a show stealer. Sami Callihan is one of the best independent wrestlers in the world and should easily be able to go head to head with Rhino.

Rhino was the last ECW Television and World Heavyweight Champions and was one of the most talented wrestlers to come out of ECW. With his in-ring ability and size he should be able to put on an excellent match with anyone especially someone as talented as Sami Callihan.

I see this match going in favor Sami Callihan, probably with some sort of run in being involved. All in all this match should deliver and be worth the price of your ticket.

The second match announced is Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs The Young Bucks – WOW, is the first thing to come to mind when I think about this match. The Young Bucks is one of the greatest tag teams in the world and Paul Kendrick and Paul London should easily be able to put on an excellent show with them.

The Young Bucks, who maybe known to TNA fans as ‘Generation Me’ is one of the best, high-flying tag teams in the world. While frequently compared to The Hardy Boyz when they were younger and in their prime, The Young Bucks are sure to impress wherever they go.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London, who are way more recognizable in the industry than The Young Bucks, had an impressive team during their WWE run. While I believe they are not as strong as a team than The Young Bucks they are easily a strong enough team to compete with The Bucks.

At the end of the day I see this match also being an excellent match and believe Young Bucks will take the victory and even think they should take just because it would be a great for them to be taken seriously. Although, anyone who has ever watched them, especially live, should take them very seriously anyway.

Third announced match is Jazz vs Winter – While this match will probably be a fine match, this is my the match that I am looking least forward to. It’s not because it’s a women’s match or even because either of these ladies are untalented.

Jazz was one of the most dominating ‘divas’ in the industry during her first run in the business. I am not saying Jazz can’t still go because she can, better than some in fact and Winter will be able to carry on a good match with her but I feel like this match would have been so much better 5 years ago.

Winter, known to WWE fans as Katie Lea Burchill is a very talented female wrestler and if I had to choose somebody to compete against Jazz it would be Winter.

I hope this match impresses me and don’t get me wrong I have high hopes just not sure this match will look great next to some of the other amazing matches. At the end of night I see Jazz getting the victory and Winter eventually getting a rematch and taking the victory in match number two.

The last announced match is The FBI (Little Guido and Tony Marmaluke with Big Sal E. Graziano) vs Danny Doring and Roadkill – This match should be another absolute amazing match for old school wrestling fans.

It has been many years since Danny Doring and Roadkill have had a mainstream match together and had really started to get recognized toward the end of ECW’s run and even becoming the last tag team champions. Keep in mind that was 2001. I have no idea if these guys can still go but assuming they can they should have a great “final battle”

The FBI, I know can still go because I had the pleasure recently of seeing them at Extreme Reunion and when they have a serious match can really really impress. These two teams have battled before and have some very good matches.

If I had to pick a team to take this victory it would be Danny Doring and Roadkill. This match will be a great match for original ECW fans.

Also announced for the card is a “Chris Master’s $500 Master Lock Challenge”

Plus these superstars already confirmed for this show:
Mike Knoxx
Tony Nese
Mikey Whipwreck
Big Daddy V
Tommy Dreamer
Carlos Colon Jr.
Eddie Kingston
WWE Hall of Famer Adam Copeland (Edge)
The Steiner Brothers
Hale Collins
Shawn Daivari
The Big XLG formerly known as Luke Gallows
“Hardcore Icon” The Sandman

More info about House of Hardcore, including purchasing tickets can be found at

This article, sadly, was cut short because I leave in the AM to get on a plane to head to New York to attend House of Hardcore. I hope to be posting from the show live assuming I can get signal, otherwise I promise I will post my thoughts as soon as I return to my hotel room.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear feedback from you.

  • Marcos Mendes

    I too am looking forward to HoH, I think they had a very good amount of hype but I also believe that they need to create stars like the old ECW did. I like extreme wrestling, as long as they have an history alongside and to that point I don’t know what Tommy can do, but i know that Edge is a brilliant wrestling mind, and if he’s involved, I believe something cool can happen.

    I hope someone puts that online, because I would like to see it.