ShortSmug: Looking At Jeff Jarrett’s New Promotion GFW

On Monday April 7th, 2014, Jeff Jarrett officially announced his new organization, which will be called Global Force Wrestling. The original press release can be found here.

8 days later, another announcement by Jarrett, said he had signed a deal with 25/7 Productions and David Broome (The Biggest Loser) and that while no TV deal was is in place yet, 25/7 will be producing GFW TV shows. That announcement can be found here.

Now anytime a new promotion starts up it could succeed or fail, some promotions, like this one gets instant recognition because of certain people involved with it and I am not in anyway saying that is a bad thing. However, with recognition comes even more hype you have to live up to and sometimes the product can disappoint, so will that be a problem here?

Despite Jarrett’s ownership, 25/7’s involvement, and announcing that he currently has “access” to over 500 people to use on his roster, if the product is bad people will tune out. You can have all the biggest stars in the business and it will all be for nothing if you can’t deliver a quality product/something people want to see. Is Jarrett capable of of delivering a quality product?

Jeff Jarrett, was born into the business and knows it better than alot of people. His past project and involvements have proved to be a success. He launched TNA and it gained popularity and even struck a TV deal. Most critics would argue that the product was stronger under Jarrett’s control.

One of the most important things in a startup project is not replicate WWE, not to say WWE is bad but if people wanted WWE storylines, they could just watch WWE. In the past, Jarrett has been good about not using “rehashed” storylines. Veteran talent could be a good thing, however, as long as not used in the wrong way and they don’t have too many.

Ultimately, it is a wait and see project. I think this company has all the potential in the world but have talked to several people they have some serious doubts about this project. There is absolutely no reason that people shouldn’t be looking forward to this project, or any other for that matter, as anytime something new happens it can be good for the business in general.

What do you think? Post your thoughts, opinions, feedback and comments below.

  • wwefan

    Still think the logo looks like a gym. Well see what he has to offer but I read where they wanna add variety in a possible non wrestling fashion and that might not bode well.