Source In WWE Gives Advice To Indy Talent, Alexander Rusev, WWE TV, Ex-WWE Diva Turns 34

– A source in WWE asked to print the following regarding indie talent hoping to get into the company:

“While WWE does look at indy guys in L.A., they must also remember that the non-wrestling athletes and models from the agencies in L.A. almost have a better chance at getting an NXT offer. This is actually beyond a proven fact as the most recent hires are Eva and JoJo, and the whole divas camp in L.A. last January was models with no wrestling experience. So if you train and are a worker in L.A., it’s highly suggested that you work other states (Texas, Florida, all up and down the East coast) to help build your resume and get noticed as opposed to getting lost in the mix of models.”

– NXT star Alexander Rusev is on the road with WWE again this weekend. He defeated Zack Ryder at last night’s live event in State College, PA.

– In The New York Post’s article on WWE TV negotiations on Friday, it was noted that WWE is asking for more than double their current rate, or a $190 million per year package.

– WWE Hall of Famer The Honky Tonk Man turns 61 years old today while former WCW valet Gorgeous George turns 38 and Michelle McCool turns 34.

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