Speculation About The Undertaker’s WWE Return – Heading To SmackDown? (Photos)

Earlier this week we posted a rumor killer photo of The Undertaker standing with a cane, which was not his. You can check out that story at this link.

Since then, it appears The Undertaker has changed his look and dyed his hair. This could be an indication that he’s planning on returning to WWE television soon. As seen below, Undertaker met up with SmackDown Commissioner and long-time friend Shane McMahon while WWE has been in Texas this week. Undertaker and Shane were last seen together inside of the ring during their epic Hell in a Call match at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. The Dead Man hasn’t been on TV since.

Furthermore, Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool posted a photo of fan signs related to SmackDown Superstars, using a “#BlueBrand” hashtag on the post. You can see her post and the more recent Undertaker photo below:


A photo posted by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

  • Alex Brooks

    In a twist Michelle McCool returns to defend her butterfly belt.

    • JustusX

      It’s coming back…. watch it.

  • nbdynprtcular

    I wish Taker would just retire already. Dude is so far past his sell by date that it’s just sad to see him anymore.

    • revelated

      Well, just book him in a match with Seth Rollins.

      At this point, instead of “The Architect”, and to oppose Randy’s “Legend Killer” we should just call Seth “Career Killer”. Have Bret come back and cut a promo on how reckless he is in the ring.

      • nbdynprtcular

        Based on what, 2 injuries? Sting and Finn Balor? Sting should not have been taking that bump at his age and he knew it, but he agreed to it anyway. Finn’s injury was NOT Rollin’s fault, if he had not put his hand behind him to break his impact with the barricade, his shoulder would not have separated. Brett keeps talking about Seth because he is secretly enjoying all the attention he is getting from the IWC.

        • revelated

          Let’s see.

          Sting: retired.
          Balor: injured.
          Cena: broken nose.
          Hurt his own knee.

          The Hitman’s spot on with how dangerous Rollins is in the ring. I mean hell, even Eva Marie hasn’t caused this much medical billing.

          • nbdynprtcular

            OK let’s go over this again. Sting should have never agreed to take that bump at his age. He even admitted himself that he took the bump wrong, didn’t tuck his chin and stated that his injury was not Seth’s fault. Balor took the bump wrong, should not have put his arm out like that to catch himself. Dean Ambrose has taken that bump many times and you never see him put his arm out, he takes it across the shoulders. Cena’s broken nose was the product of bad timing on both of their parts, Seth said in an interview that he and Cena talked about the move before the match, Seth mistimed it and Cena leaned in when he shouldn’t have. And Seth’s knee injury, I mean good Lord, if we are gonna say every wrestler who gets injured in a match is unsafe in the ring, then pretty much every wrestler in WWE is unsafe in the ring. Bret is just a bitter old man who is trying to remain relevant. He got some attention the first time he spoke about Seth, so he’s gonna talk about it every time it can get him more attention.

          • revelated

            Fact: Sting went through a match with the Big Show. Came out fine.
            Fact: Sting went through a tag match. Came out fine.
            Fact: Sting went through a match with HHH involving weaponry. Came out fine.
            Fact: Sting went through NUMEROUS profile matches in TNA. Came out fine.

            Don’t you think it’s then kinda odd that the moment he gets in a regular match with Seth Rollins, he gets irreversibly injured? I do.

            Finn’s been injured before, so he doesn’t have that excuse.

            However, don’t you find it rather convenient that Seth Rollins has been responsible now for FOUR main eventers getting injured in the span of a year?

            I could see if it’s like one a year. That can be chalked up to random bad luck. But FOUR MAIN EVENTERS in ONE YEAR?

            I mean hell, Lesnar wasn’t hurting that many people even when he was intentionally dropping Hardcore Holly on his neck. FFS he threw a one-legged man down a flight of stairs and didn’t injure him!

  • Logan Morris

    Looks like the Dead man may have a few more matches in him, I always assume he’ll return for WM, but it looks like he could be coming home to Smackdown. Hope it happens. I’m one of what seems like a dwindling few that still loves to see him

    • ray


    • CMP

      I’m there with you. The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time. I hope he hangs up the boots soon, but I can’t deny goosebumps every time that gong rings throughout the arena.

      • Logan Morris

        I’ve pretty much stopped speculating as to when he’ll finally take off the gloves for good, because for what seemed like at least a year if not more everyone thought his last match would be in Dallas this year. But, you can pretty much bet the ranch he’ll wrestle again. I’m extremely conflicted when it comes to Taker because there’s no denying that he now falls under that class of guys that have hung on too long, and I never thought he’d get to that point . But, at the same time I’m such a mark for the the guy that I still love seeing the guy and get and excited for his matches. At this point it wouldn’t feel like WM without him on the card.

    • The_Shockerwave

      Really Taker’s Home is RAW fella or did ya forget he was RAW’s overall #1 Draft Pick Ever as The Rock’s home is SD! while Taker’s is RAW but he only went to SD! cause they were needing Star Power. So Taker’s Home will always be RAW.

      • Logan Morris

        I suppose it’s up for debate, but I consider Taker to be more affiliated with SD because he carried the brand for what seemed like forever once he returned as the Deadman pretty much up until his feud with HBK, if not a little longer. But opinions, everyone has them,


    That’s her childhood dream? Pfft

  • Matt K

    I wish undertaker would have a TV role soon so I could see him more. Will always be my favorite wrestler

  • antonio cesaro1

    Taker vs Kane Vs Big Show vs Rhino Vs Cena Vs Orton – in a everybody just fucking retire match….. Doesnt matter if they win or lose, they all just retire at the end of the 10 minutes