Speculation on Big Names and the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Class, Original Sin Cara Update

– As we have noted, The Rock is the leading candidate for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. Dave Meltzer speculated on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that someone like the nWo might not want to play second fiddle to The Rock if WWE wanted to induct them into the Hall of Fame also next year.

The topic of the nWo being inducted came up after WWE decided to induct Razor Ramon this year and not Scott Hall. For what it’s worth, while it was reported that WWE held off on Scott Hall because of a possible nWo induction, that doesn’t mean they’re being discussed for 2015.

– The original Sin Cara noted on Twitter that he will be wrestling in Mexico under his original name, Mistico.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think it’s about time for DDP to go in. Rick steiner. Raven, what about the ecw guys

  • Jessica Ann Molchan

    What about macho man

  • Mike Boyer

    Macho man, Mr. perfect, Kevin Nash,Rick & Scott Steiner,Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, DDP, Jim Crockett,Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat,,,,,,,,,,, if any are already elected my apologies………

    • Steve Cassell

      Apology accepted, some of them may have slipped by over previous years. Mr Perfect, Don Muraco, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat are already in. For a full list of inductees (so far), click on the link below. I agree with Macho Man (Maybe with Elizabeth), Kevin Nash (Diesel), The Steiners, British Bulldogs and Jimmy Snuka. The Rock has already been tipped to join the Hall of Fame in 2015. Perhaps Triple H and The Undertaker as well depending on their wrestling status at the time. (The only active wrestler inducted into the hall of fame has been Rick Flair)


  • Stephen Speakman

    I think that The 2015 Hall Of Fame should include The British Bulldogs. Their feud with The Hart Foundation in the 80’s was awesome. There is a petition to induct Davey Boy Smith is already picking up momentum as we speak. If anyone wishes to sign it please go to-