Speculation On Randy Orton Dating WWE Total Diva Jo Jo (Photo), Backstage News

Within WWE, people are denying that Randy Orton and Total Diva Jo Jo are an item but people have reportedly seen them together holding hands. Orton and Jo Jo could be one of the bigger storylines on the next season of Total Divas. The speculation likely comes from this photo of the two at WWE’s Superstars For Hope party last month during SummerSlam weekend:

Word going around is that there will be another major relationship twist for the next season, one that will be clever and shocking, and it’s not The Bella Twins “switching places” in their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

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  • Geoff

    If they are dating for the sake of Total divas, this is fucking stupid.

    • Teesdalien

      I agree. Plus Jojo has already been with Justin Gabriel, and Orton already has kids, she young enough to be HIS daughter. Like really? This girl is crazy.

      • Jessi

        Young enough to be his daughter? He was 14 when she was born…

        • M

          So?? If he went through puberty, which I’m sure he did,he could of fathered her.

        • alisha

          So what,as long as she is not under age (which she is not) then age is just a number.

  • jason

    isn’t he married?

  • Diane

    no he is not married any more …he wife filled for a divorce over 3 months ago

    • xnyer

      Randy has settled his divorce from wife Samantha Speno,

  • BiggDogg Banks

    JoJo going to b singing T-pain song im sprung. He got me sprung

  • Sean Blake

    What the hell is this crap

  • Mandy

    He’s been divorced for quite awhile now. Is WWE totally trying to turn everyone away, with this and the bullying that’s going on.

    • erica bajo

      he has only been divorced since july of THIS year!!!

  • nana

    I love me so randy Orton this is. nothing new to me wrestlers dateing
    each other

  • bengalsmarvel

    Randy would tear her apart! Im just saying he would

    • mel

      how the hell u know he will tear her apart. hav u ever been with him to say that. oh god people stop this and let the people live their life as they see fit. sometimes when the man is older he treats the woman more gentle because he is more experience in life and knows what a woman want and hoe to give it to her

    • alisha

      What the hell????

  • Chloe Gutierrez

    stop spreading rumours that aren’t even true, jojo is way too freaking young.
    this is so wrong in so many ways.

  • Jack Johnson

    Okay Randy needs to realize he’s not 24 anymore. He’s way too old for her, and is going to look ridiculous with her unless he shaves his beard. Even then.

  • Donna Stepanovic

    If this is “just” for ratings, Great Message For To Send WWE. If it is true, SHAME ON YOU RANDY! Why would you reside to seeing your kids every other weekend. What is that 75% of their life you won’t be there? Your wife is hot too! Get some self esteem! It DOES NOT MAKE YOU A MAN for messing with a LITTLE GIRL, it makes you a LITTLE BOY! Oh, & your not all that cute either! It takes A REAL MAN TO PUT THE WORK INTO A MARRIAGE THAT IT REQUIRES!
    Jo-Jo needs to take her a– to church or something other than trying to spread it like an eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mel

      why people mine their own business because randy and jojo should live however they are happy. what the hell u know bout these people to have a right to judge them. if randy marriage ended then that is nobody concern and leave these people.

    • Orchid Thomas

      First, randy orton is amazingly good looking. Like that man has some good genes just saying but I do really hope this is just a rumor and he finds someone that makes him really happy, because I think he is really awesome and deserves abundant blessings.

    • alisha

      Shut up with your long ass comment. They can do what ever they want and no matter how long your comment is it won’t change any thing. And by the way just cause jojo is pretty and she wants to be in a relationship does not mean she is some kind of hoe. And Randy is divorced.

  • xproxy

    lol these are 2 grown adults btw… they can do whatever the hell they want :/

  • Ashton Cottle

    who cares if they’re dating they’re both adults but i do think it is a little wrong do to the age difference

    • mel

      if they are happy then who the hell cares. age is just a number

  • Jean Villian

    The Justin Gabriel Rumours Are False Do You Think That He Wants To Sit In A U.S Jail For Touching A Underage 19 Year Old Girl? A….No! I Believe That Rand Orton Is Dating Jo Jo

  • mariah

    guys she 19 she old anuff to do what ever she wonts

  • Orchid Thomas

    I Love Randy Orton and I have to say that is the worst story line ever. I would like seriously cry if that happen. Like seriously:(