Speculation On Sting Signing WWE Deal, The Rock Talks About Filming Hercules (Photo)

– There are people within WWE who believe that Sting has just signed a deal with WWE and will be debuting on the night of WrestleMania XXX. At the same time, there are also people who deny that report.

– The Rock posted the following about his role in Hercules on Instagram today:

“I trained and worked harder than ever for 8 months for this role. Lived alone and locked myself away (like a moody 260lb monk) in Budapest for 6 months while filming. Goal was to completely transform into this character. Disappear in the role. Press journalist asked me today, with the mental & physical toll the role had on me, would I do it again? Not only would I do it again.. I’d do it f*cking twice. You’ll be the first to see the EXCLUSIVE #HERCULES trailer one week from today. Look forward to showing you… #TilDeathOrVictory #AndALittle12LaborsBlood”

(Partial source: PWInsider)

  • Jason

    He’ll be there, and have an epic debut as well!

  • Justin Fuchs

    Nice article….not.

    Some say he’s signed, others say no. Your typical dirtsheet BS.