Speculation On Why Kane Removed His Mask At Raw, WWE Polls Fans On What It Means

WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans what does Kane’s unmasking mean for WWE – we’ve seen the last of him, he will come back more dangerous than ever, The Authority is weakened or The Authority has consolidated its power. With almost 5,000 votes, 32% of fans believe we’ve seen the last of Kane. 31% believe he will be back more dangerous than ever.

It’s possible that Kane gave his mask to Stephanie McMahon on Monday’s RAW to bring the Jacob Goodnight character from See No Evil 2 to WWE TV.

We noted before that the plan in the fall of 2012 when Kane gave up his mask was to have him be more identifiable with the Goodnight character so they could promote the movie better. WWE Studios confirmed the October 17th release date just this past week.

  • Roxanne

    Someone pointed this out a while back, so I figured I’d point it out here, as it’s relevant.

    When Kane returned after Summerslam 2013, he took off his mask. This apparently implied he was becoming more evil (via corporatism) than ever. Presumably a “power-up”.

    A few months later, he put on his mask at Stephanie’s behest. This apparently implied he was becoming more demonic than ever. Presumably a “power-up”.

    A few months later, he’s taken the mask off again. What does it mean? Fuck if I know. Maybe it’s just really hot under the damn thing.

    • Ryan Williams

      Kanes character is beyond a joke noe

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Lost interest in Kane since losing to Cena after re-acquiring the mask back in 2011. After that he became a joke.

    I’d say i want him to retire but i want to give this Jacob Goodnight character a chance and see what it has to offer.

  • Sir William McCormick Esq

    I understand the point of it and the angle they are trying to work, but is it going to work? Releasing a new character is okay to do when you aren’t already super over. The Kane character has been huge to the roster for what? 15 Years? Is a new character this late in the game the right play?

  • Justin Hinkle

    Lol the Kane character is so retarded now. First he takes the mask off to become more of a monster. Then he puts it back on to become the monster he once was. Then he took it off to be corporate Kane, then he put it back on to become a monster yet again, now he’s taken it off again. Jesus just retire Kane your character is beyond dead at this point.

    He can only take his mask off and put it back on so many times before it becomes redundant.

  • http://marcktvmovies.blogspot.mx/ Marck-WWEDivas

    Nowadays, Kane is boring and don’t impress me like a few years back, when he was lethal, dominant and destructive. Probably him ripping off his mask means he is retiring.

  • Jesse Reid

    Kane is such a joke now man.. Has been for a long time. I mean, ruining a decent run with the mask just to promote a straight to dvd movie is ridiculous.

  • Joel Thompson

    I’ve been asking for years what Glenn Jacobs did To piss off WWE. He went from unstoppable force to jobber, literally overnight.