Speculation On WWE Increasing The Price Of WWE Network

The $1 Netflix price increase is something that fans should be watching because it may affect the way WWE does business with the WWE Network. If WWE chooses to increase the price by $1 then it would increase their yearly revenue by $7 million or more. Netflix and Amazon have both increased their prices. Netflix has promised their current customers that they will not see a price increase for 2 years so the increase only applies to new subscribers.

The only reason WWE and UFC kept their price at $9.99 as because Netflix established that price point as the value for their streaming service.

(Source: Wrestling Observer newsletter)

  • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

    Netflix had a vast range of content and is probably worth the money. The WWE Network should be reducing their price to a more realistic $5.99 if they want people to buy it. It was rolled out too soon as they could not do it world wide. Of course it looks like a failure on paper as most of the people likely to get it have to pay extra for a US ip to watch it. There is no comparison between Netflix and WWE…..WWE already own the rights to all of their content, all they had to pay for was the tech and net space.