Speculation On WWE Possibly Retiring The World Heavyweight Title Belt On Monday’s Raw

There’s speculation that WWE retired the World Heavyweight Title belt, or the “big gold belt” on Monday’s RAW.

As seen before the main event, WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena met Ric Flair on the stage and let him raise the “big gold belt” in the air. Cena then told Flair to keep the belt and Flair left with it.

Several fans pointed out that JBL made a reference to there only being one title earlier in the show.

For what it’s worth, F4Wonline.com recently reported that WWE was planning on keeping both belts around because it’s two pieces of merchandise that can be sold, among other reasons.

  • Jesse Reid

    They need to seperate them shits.. It still makes no sense unifying them to me.. Use the WHC for newer, younger guys who are being pushed like Barrett, Reigns, Rollins, Bray, Cesaro, the list goes on… Use the WWE championship for super established guys like Cena(I hate including him here), Brock, DB, Orton, and so on.. This whole unified title thing is screwing a lot of young guys who need the push. It’s a bummer how guys just flame out these days.

    • Paul Petit-Frere

      Agreed, I hate the way WWE is misusing the top spot & giving it to Cena because at this point, WWE should keep & split the titles for the sake of more competition for the veterans & young talent

    • tobimobi

      That’s what the IC title is supposed to be. I think it’s great now they just need to get rid of that stupid US title as well.

    • Chris Roy

      That’s pointless. Why not use the IC & US Titles for the purpose of the first group of guys you mentioned and build them up?

      It was a great system a few years ago when people made the transition from being the IC Champ into the WWE Champ, that process shouldn’t be rushed. The timing is everything.

      I would much rather see guys like Bray and Reigns win the WWE Championship because it means more than simply be given the WHC because it’s there.

      Having more belts just waters down their value to me.

      • Jesse Reid

        I understand what you’re saying.. But the WWE no longer uses the IC and US titles like that.. Those belts are pretty much meaningless these days.

        • Chris Roy

          Well to be honest the same could have been said for the WHC. At least with that belt gone it gives more room to establish the IC/US belts more.

          I thought they were actually doing pretty good with the IC title before BNB got injured.

          • Jesse Reid

            Yeah dude, I definitely agree. I liked the way they were going with Barrett, but shit happens. Same goes with Bryan

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Maybe it’s just a precursor. Barock wins at SS then disappears. WWE won’t strip him but still need title to defend monthly. Hello Big Gold!

    • Cage

      Yeah I used to think of the same angle. They used it back in 2002 as well when Brock moved to Smackdown..
      Even back then, WWE had 2 titles, unified it to make Y2J the undisputed champ, then HHH beat him to carry only one title, and just few months later they bring back WHC title. It never made sense to me.

  • JTM

    They only use the WWE title belt under John Cena on WWE.com