Spoiler: 20 Names Confirmed For Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal At WrestleMania

Following Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, 20 out of 30 names are now confirmed for WrestleMania XXX’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Rey Mysterio noted in an interview yesterday that he will be in the match also. Here’s the updated confirmed line-up:

1. Big E
2. Ryback
3. Curtis Axel
4. Fandango
5. Dolph Ziggler
6. Sheamus
7. Titus O’Neil
8. Alberto Del Rio
9. Damien Sandow
10. Christian
11. Big Show
12. Mark Henry
13. Heath Slater
14. Drew McIntyre
15. Jinder Mahal
16. Cody Rhodes
17. Goldust
18. Kofi Kingston
19. The Miz
20. Rey Mysterio

  • Kenzz Fedguy 315dude FixitMike

    I hope they don’t bump this to the pre-show. This looks to be the most exciting match at this year’s RestholdMania.

  • TGov

    Pretty disappointed the IC champion will not be defending his title at the biggest show of the year AND that the Rhodes are not in a tag match, 3 or 4 team tag title match would have been great… missed oppurtunity…
    Wouldn’t be surprised to The Shield thrown in here. The booking recently has been terrible, they need to open there eyes and use what obviously talent they have rather than waste it.

  • Dominik

    If that is all they are doing at Mania, I’m afraid I have some #BADNEWS