Spoiler: Angle That Could Lead To Another Major TNA Departure

At the TNA Impact taping for next week (10/3/13), an angle was shot where Hulk Hogan quit TNA in disgust during a segment with Dixie Carter. The segment ended with Carter wrapping herself around Hogan’s leg trying to keep him from leaving the ring.

With Hogan’s contract expiring next month, the two sides are in negotiations for a new deal, but nothing has been signed, much less agreed upon. Thursday’s taping was the last scheduled appearance for him under the old contract, so TNA opted to script a potential exit for him that will close the 10/3 episode.

As PWMania.com reported in recent months, TNA is in the process of re-evaluating every talent contract and employee after taking Impact Wrestling on the road did not lead to the originally projected live revenue. The company has been reorganizing and streamlining all aspects of their operations for months.

With Hogan as the most expensive talent contract for the company, it’s turned into a situation similar to that of AJ Styles, Ken Anderson and Mickie James where the two sides were apart on what each side wants. Styles signed an extension through December while the other two were finished up and won’t return unless they come to terms for new TNA deals.

It will be interesting to see if Hogan remains with TNA, or if all the rumors of a return back to the WWE are true.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    It would be funny if did re-sign back with TNA.