Spoiler: Big Lethal Lockdown Main Event Revealed For TNA Lockdown PPV

It was announced at Friday’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Manchester, England that the main event for the March 9th Lockdown pay-per-view from Miami will feature Team Dixie vs. Team MVP in a Lethal Lockdown match.

The teams will be Bobby Roode, James Storm (who turned heel), Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud vs. MVP, Gunner, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.

The show will also feature TNA champion Magnus vs. Samoa Joe.

  • James Marston

    I thought Magnus was defending the title against Samoa Joe at Lockdown?

    • RVD4Life

      That’s exactly what it says at the bottom.

      • James Marston

        It’s been edited since my comment.

  • Prince Of Snark

    What the hell kinda match…Can Bad Influence replace Spud and Magnus please?

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      Oh Sure so who defends the tna title then? Daniels or Kazarian? Magnus isn’t in the lethal lockdown match he faces samoa joe…. smh if i were to replace 2 ppl with Bad Influence it would be Spud and EC3 the is a reason EC3 couldn’t make it as Derrick Bateman and Spud? I haven’t Heard much about Rockstar Spud but as much as i’ve seen he is there bootleg wade barret just like the bro-mans are bootleg zack ryder and the miz…

  • RVD4Life

    It’s been almost 3 years since I actively watched TNA.. I have no idea who any of the participants In the Lethal Lockdown match are with the exception of Roode, Storm, and MVP