*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy’s TNA Return Angle Revealed

The following contains spoilers for the next 2 weeks of TNA Impact Wrestling:

TNA held a double television taping on Thursday night from Huntsville, Alabama – and one of the more newsworthy happenings was the return of Jeff Hardy.

Hardy came out and cut a promo saying that The Network gave him a chance to address the fans of TNA.

Hardy apologized for his conduct at Victory Road, when he showed up “in no condition to perform” and his main event match against Sting had to be cut to les than 30 seconds. Jeff said that his personali ssues “put the show in the toilet” and he knows he let everybody down.

Jeff asked everybody for one more chance – which got a huge “One More Chance” chant from the crowd.

Jeff placed the microphone down in the middle of the ring and exited to the back.

Jeff’s return to TNA Impact Wrestling will take place in 2 weeks. Next week’s show will feature the “Major Announcement” of Hardy appearing on the following week’s show.