*Spoiler* Stipulation Added To CM Punk vs. Ryback On First WWE Raw Of 2013

At Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown Supershow, Ryback told CM Punk that he wants his guaranteed WWE title match against Punk on the first RAW of 2013, which takes place on Monday, January 7th.

At the WWE RAW tapings that took place immediately after SmackDown airing next Monday night (Christmas Eve, 12/24), it was announced that the match will be a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. This will be the match that was originally scheduled to take place at this past weekend’s TLC pay-per-view before Punk underwent his recent knee surgery.

  • Andrew

    “The most important factor, besides finances, in building a roster is fungibility.” – Billy Beane

    Fungibility is a commodity, good or employee that can be substituted easily with another commodity, good or employee. In baseball, it’s a lot easier to substitute first baseman (as there are a plethora of them) than it is to substitute a catcher (only a few really good ones). Wrestlers with great mic skills are truly rare as are good international wrestlers (who are non-fungible due to the increases in international attendance and buy rates). However, big guys (I don’t say that as a bad thing as I’m a powerlifter) without mic skills are more easily replaceable (ie. Batista, Goldberg as much as I hate to say it). I hope the WWE keeps this in mind during their feud. I believe Ryback has immense potential in this industry, but putting him on top of wrestling right now would be a mistake. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. There are already three guys (not talking The Shield) who could already potentially fill in for Ryback if he suffers an injury, leaves or gets fired. I can’t say the same about C.M. Punk. If you build up Ryback too quickly, you’ll end up paying a substantial amount to a very replaceable asset, which isn’t good business. As I said before, this doesn’t apply to all big guys, just the ones without mic skills. Guys like The Rock, HHH, Angle in his early years do not apply. Those guys are truly talented. I think mic skills will prove to be like accuracy in the NFL, where by a certain age, you just can’t improve. How many guys significantly improved there mic skills later on in their career? I think if they don’t do it before 30, it’s not going to change.