Spoiler Update on the Status of Two Former WWE Superstars Used at TNA’s NYC Tapings

As noted, TNA used former WWE stars Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson at the New York City tapings last week as members of Team Dixie but they were apparently “fired” by Dixie before the Friday night tapings, which they did not work.

Word now is that the two are indeed done with TNA. They were only booked for two of the three NYC tapings with the idea that Dixie using “real” ECW guys would get heat with the NYC crowd and also showcase how far gone the Dixie Carter character had gotten.

When Zeke and Snitsky were booked for the tapings, they were not brought in with the idea that they would be signed to contracts.

Source: PWInsider

  • Kevin Ngo

    WWE ECW, they’re kind of separate cmon.

  • CMP

    On what planet are Snitsky and Ezekiel Jackson “real” ECW guys?

    • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

      I think if Dixie was saying that trying to piss people off, that’s the way to do it. Like saying that WWECW was the real ECW.

  • cj

    This shows how incredibly uneducated Dixie is about wrestling (if this was her idea) “real” ECW and WWECW brand are separate things. And this is gonna appear on tv ? lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TimPhilly317 TimPhillips

    So in other words this was all a complete and utter waste of time.

  • RadicalRhys

    ‘Real ECW guys’? Does the rehashed abomindation that was the rebranded ECW count as a ‘Real ECW’?