Spoiler Video & Photo: Jeff Hardy Takes Crazy Bump At TNA Lockdown Taping

– Jason Solomon (@solomonster) was at the TNA Lockdown taping in New York City Friday night and reported the following about a bump taken by Jeff Hardy:

– Instagram user @billcommons posted the following footage of the bump:

A video posted by @billcommons on

  • Necro

    Holy shit

  • Sean

    That guy’s gonna either kill himself or paralyze himself before he hits 40. You just can’t keep taking bumps like that as you get older, just ask Mick Foley.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Or edge

  • soumik ray

    jeff is very careless with his body all his life while wrestling…the fan’s wanted
    to see jeff healthy nd alive than risking his life for entertaining the

    • YehYeh

      Its pretty clear Jeff was out waaay before he hit the steps dont blame him for this one THAT is not a jeff hardy bump thats a legitimate malfunction

      • soumik ray

        i m not blaming him…he took lot of bumps his whole life…this 1 is scary while watching..i just want him to stay healthy nd happy…

  • no

    I love jeff and appreciate what he does for fans but good lord, I’d like him to be alive and healthy instead of trying to sacrafice himself for us O_O

  • RReigns15 #NewDay

    Jeff Hardy is a man’s man in Pro Wrestling History. After The Undertaker that is!

    • soumik ray


  • Creature_of_the_Night

    Jeff Hardy is what pro wrestling SHOULD be all about – before all this politically correct PG childish garbage that WWE started that these idiot IWC people worship.

    Jeff Hardy gives it up for the fans every time he goes out there, and the old schoolers like me appreciate it.


    • Cage

      So you want him to end up like edge?

  • Goldman

    Wish his neck would have been broken, he is a disgrace in the wrestling business no talent just stupidity.

    • no

      You are,
      An Ass.

      • Hindu

        He sure is

  • Hindu

    He should come back to the WWE

  • Jarryd

    I honestly dont think he was meant to fall on his head like that! Ouch, crazy. Concussion for days. Fandango, Ziggler and BNB all had time off in 2013 due to WWE bringing in new concussion rules, that was a lot worse than anything those guys went through.