Spoiler: WWE Survivor Series World Heavyweight Title Match Revealed

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio was announced by Vickie Guerrero at the WWE SmackDown tapings in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Survivor Series pay-per-view later this month.

WWE Survivor Series will take place Sunday, November 24, 2013 from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at PWMania.com.

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  • Yoni Amitay


  • lewdaddy

    Wonder who will win? #JohnCenaerasucks

  • Jim

    As soon as I saw that it was in Boston I knew who would win!

  • BillP


  • junior butta

    john cena should’ve had sandow cashed in his MITB on him after he beat ADR in HITC and sandow should’ve won, so it would’ve been sandow vs cena for the WHC at survivor series…i like ADR but jesus christ I’m sick of him he’s the heel version fo sheamus being shoved down our throats. They have to let ADR loose and have him get more interesting and vicious in the promos these coming weeks, or throw some type of stipulation/match gimmick into this match

    • The Knight of Truth

      I totally agree with you. ADR has average wrestling skills and his promos are shits. Guys like Tyson Kid are far more talented. ADR can never be an Eddie Guerrero who was the real best Mexican wrestler in WWE history, and a proof was the ADR vs Jack Swagger lackluster feude for WrestleMania 29 which was nothing compared to Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle for WrestleMania 20. WWE failed miserably to recreate such amazing and once in a life time stars…..

      • junior butta

        waiitt holld up playa, lol I’m not gonna rush and put tyson kidd over ADR now, tyson kidd nice but ADR really is a top 5 wrestler in the ring right now,a nd always has been. I actually like the match him and jack swagger had in WM,though the storyline was ehh, felt it was technically the best match of the night (i know taker vs punk was best night of the night overall), but ill never complain about ADR ring work. It’s the fact that ADR is like sheamus, but the heel version: he’s being shoved down our throats, he’s overly saturated, that’s why no one cares about him now, and it’s a shame cus wwe doesn’t have good timing. While they’ll give the sheamus and ADRs chance after chance, the tyson kidd’s dolph zigglers and whoever else never get their proper shake. Nobody will be latino heat RIP guerrero

  • The Knight of Truth

    I wish it includes a stipulation, like Lastman Standing or a Submission match…..