*Spoilers* Detailed WWE Smackdown Taping Report For Tonight

WWE taped this week’s edition of Smackdown from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. Thanks to PWMania.com reader Nik Mesney for providing us with live updates. Below are complete detailed results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Firday):
Edge comes out and cuts a promo talking about how he is going to be arriving at Wrestlemania’s main event as the World Heavyweight Champion after going through Kane at Survivor Series.

Nexus (minus Wade Barrett) come out and surround the ring, and get up on the apron, but before they can enter the ring, Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces that Theodore Long has been detained by Customs, so she is running the show tonight. She gets in the ring and announces Kane vs Big Show and Edge vs David Otunga for later tonight with the stipulation of if Otunga loses he will be ex-communicated from Nexus, however the Edge Otunga match will now be a lumberjack match with the Nexus members at ringside, along with the entire Smackdown roster. Vickie suggests that as they are in England they should shake hands like a couple of English gentlemen. Otunga extends his hand and Edge goes to leave the ring, but Vickie calls him back and tells him if he doesn’t shake Otunga’s hand she’ll replace him in the Survivor Series main event. Edge then decides to shake Otunga’s hand, but as Otunga turns to leave Edge spears him in the back as he’s on the apron and he lands on Harris and McGillicutty. Gabriel and Slater storm the ring and chase off Edge.

Backstage spot of Alberto Del Rio driving in to the arena in a classic white Rolls Royce

* Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
Alberto entered in his white Rolls Royce to a nice pop. Kofi got a pretty big pop also. Crowd was back and forth during this match chanting for both Del Rio and also Kofi. Kofi hit a huge high cross body off the top rope for a near fall followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi then lined up for Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio rolled to the outside. Kofi then got knocked down near the ring post which led to Del Rio heading to the outside and kicking Kofi’s arm against the ringpost which then led to the Rolling Armbar for the submission victory.

Following the match, Del Rio was celebrating in ring when Rey Mysterio made a run in hitting an enziguiri followed by a 619 to throw Del Rio out of the ring. Big pop for Rey.

Backstage segment with Nexus talking about their game plan for tonight’s lumberjack match with Slater talking about how he doesn’t want to put his life on the line with all the other 16 lumberjacks. Otunga walks in half way through the conversation and asks the rest of them to put themselves in his shoes and ask what they’d do then… he asks if he’s out tonight, who will be next to go. Talks about having to start from scratch and he doesn’t want to do that.

* Natalya vs Layla
Layla got a lot of heat considering she was the hometown girl. Not a lot happened in this one apart from a bit of a botched side slam from Natalya as Layla was wrapped around her in a head-scissors. Natalya picked up the win with the Sharpshooter.

Backstage promo with Kane talking about Big Show and Edge and how they are going to fail just like the Undertaker failed.

* Edge vs David Otunga – Lumberjack Match – If Otunga loses he is ex-communicated from NexusEdge came out first to a big pop followed by Otunga who was flanked by all of Nexus minus Barrett. Following this, the Smackdown locker room came down and stalked Nexus around the ring until they were stood on the ramp and blocked off by some of the Smackdown stars.

Otunga was thrown out of the ring early on and Finlay along with a few others started stomping him down while the other kept Nexus at bay. Edge was soon thrown out and looked to make a clean return to the ring however, Alberto Del Rio pulled him down off the apron and knocked him down which led to a brief brawl on the outside. Following this, Del Rio and MVP were continuing to have words outside the ring as MVP stood up for Edge. As the match went on, Edge got the upper hand and as Otunga was down Edge turned around and Baseball-Slid Del Rio from behind into MVP. This led to an all-out brawl ensuing outside the ring between the Smackdown locker room as Nexus stood by on the ramp and watched.

At this point, Edge was in the ring lining up a spear on Otunga as McGillicutty stormed the ring and received a spear for his troubles. Edge repositioned lining up Otunga again, but as he did this, Kane appeared from through the crowd and stalked Edge from the outside. Before Edge could hit his spear on Otunga, Kane entered the ring and chokeslammed Edge before hopping back over the rail to stand amongst the fans and watch on as Otunga rolled over, the ref stopped focusing on the brawl outside the ring and counted the 3 count to keep Otunga in The Nexus.

Following the match, the brawl slowed down outside and Otunga headed up the ramp to join most of Nexus. At this point the show looked like it went to commercial, but the downed McGillcitty was still around the ring. Goldust, along with a few others continued to beat him down and rolled him back in to the ring for another spear from Edge.

* Dolph Ziggler vs MVP for the Intercontinental Title
Probably the best match of the night – again as with the Del Rio/Kofi match, the crowd was back and forth chanting for both Ziggler and MVP throughout. Ziggler had a couple of sleeper’s on MVP on the ground with the legs scissored, but MVP escaped on both occasions. MVP hit the “Ballin’” elbow drop, however Ziggler soon caught the advantage when MVP missed a big boot in the corner and got turned around in to a sloppy Zig-Zag from Ziggler. The cover was close to the ropes and MVP put his foot on the bottom rope, but Ziggler pulled it off at the 2 and got the 3 count.

Backstage segment with Kane finding the Urn tipped over with no sign of Paul Bearer

Dashing Cody Rhodes comes out and cuts a grooming promo on how to look after teeth. He hands out some mouthwash and a toothbrush to some fans followed by a “Grooming Tips” video giving us some advice on how to floss correctly. To end the scene, he says “God save the Queen and God save your teeth”

Kane is backstage grabbing random people demanding to be told where Paul Bearer is.

* Kane vs Big Show in a non-title match
Kane out first looking angry about the missing Paul Bearer. Big Show out next to a good pop. Match starts off with Big Show getting the advantage with some body punches and a huge shoulder tackle off the ropes. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Shoe grabs Kane for the chokeslam also… they both battle and it leads to Kane clotheslining Show over the top and they both went to the outside. On the outside Show got the advantage and whipped Kane at the steel steps making Kane slam his knees off them and fly through the air. Back to the inside and Kane has hit a few low dropkicks and Show is selling a sore knee. Show is down and Kane is looking for the Chokeslam when Edge appears on the entrance way with Paul Bearer in a wheelchair all tied up and gagged with his own tie. Edge teases Kane about coming to get him, but if he does, “these wheelchairs have a mind of their own when they get going” and pretends to push Bearer off the entrance, so Kane runs back in to the ring begging Edge not to hurt Bearer. During all of this, Show has got to his feet and as Kane turns around, Show hits him with a Chokeslam for the win.

Edge leaves with Bearer in the wheelchair as Kane is down and Show is celebrating to end the show.

Following the ending, Kane rips up the announce table a little and chases off Striker, Cole and Matthews while getting his hands on a microphone. He gets back in to the ring and calls out Edge who duly obliges and makes his 4th appearance of the night. As Edge is entering the ring, Del Rio comes out, followed by Rey and Chimmel announces the dark match main event of Edge and Rey vs Kane and Del Rio.

* Kane and Alberto Del Rio vs Edge and Rey Mysterio – Dark Match
This one was over in about 5 mins with Kane getting sent to the outside. Rey then hit the 619 on Del Rio who stumbled backwards into a Spear from Edge for the pin and the win. Rey and Edge posed for a very long time after the match and signed some autographs.

Biggest pops
Big Show
Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat
Vickie Guerrero
John Cena (whenever he was on a video in between segments)