*Spoilers* Detailed WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 11-12

WWE taped this week’s edition of Smackdown from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. Thanks to reader Daniel Colbert and ProWrestling.net for providing us with live updates. Below are complete detailed results:

WWE Smackdown (Airing Firday):
The crowd didnt seem as hot for the event as they were for Raw the night before. The entire top tier was taped off and there was a noticeable amount of seats empty on the bottom tier. There were also a lot of children in the section in which I was seated with quite a few disinterested parents…great atmosphere!

After NXT and Superstars were taped, they recapped the action from last night’s Raw; recalling the stipulation in Edge’s match with David Utunga, where he will be fired if he loses. Edge came out first to a thundering reception. It seems his last babyface run has been forgotten in Manchester. He explained that his next few month would be busy, as he intends to keep the World Hvt. Championship until Wrestlemania and headline it again, citing to do this he needs to beat Kane. He explained that he always has a plan.

Nexus came out headed by David Otunga with with no sign of Hometown boy Wade Barrett, surprising. They were about to jump Edge until Vickie Guerrero stepped into the ring, warning that Otunga will automatically lose the match should Nexus step in the ring, and that the match will be a Lumberjack match with the Nexus and the ‘entire’ Smackdown roster as lumberjacks.

A Manc member of the crowd also told her to shut up during a quiet spot, to which she said ‘excuse me’ quietly, funny. After all this, Vickie warned the two to shake hands. Edge went to leave, she then threatened to replace Edge at the Survivor Series, to which he did reluctantly, then speared Otunga.

1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston. Kofi had a good pop, which probably would be louder had they continued down the road with him after Survivor Series last year. Alberto controlled much of the match with Kofi getting the obligatory big spots in. Kofi lost after Alberto worked his left arm, and used his swinging arm bar for the submission. Afterward, Rey Mysterio came down and 619’ed him out of the ring, presumably into an advert, sorry, commercial break.

2. Natalya beat Layla in a non-title match. I’m not gonna lie, this was a toilet/drink break for me. Nobody cares. Dear WWE, please start writing actual stories for the ladies. If you could ‘be a dear’ and lure Lita back too it’ll be appreciated.

Otunga cut a backstage promo rallying up the Nexus successfully, citing their past success and that they work as Edge came out to a repeat reaction of before, very loud. David Otunga came out to quite a lot of mixed cheers/heat in his Nexus hoody (think Cena in reverse) For the record, Nexus shirts were sold out both nights, Manchester is most certainly majority Nexus. ‘All’ the SD roster lumberjacks came out to Green Day. There were 16 in total. I don’t know what was more confusing; the fact Raw Superstar Goldust was there or the fact Finlay came out.

3. David Otunga defeated Edge in a lumberjack match. They cut off the rest of Nexus from the ring. Edge controlled most of the match using a face move set, spinning heel kicks, etc. Alberto Del Rio attacked Edge when he fell out, but Jack swagger threw him back in the ring mercifully (btw, poor Swagger). The match ended with Mike McGillicutty failing in an attempt to take out Edge as the ref was distracted with a massive Face/Heel lumberjack brawl. Edge speared him away, Kane then sneaked in the side and chokslammed Edge. Otunga leaned over and took the victory and kept his job.

Kane was seen back stage looking for Paul Bearer with no luck. He beat up stagehands out of frustration in the process.

4. Dolph Ziggler defeated MVP to retain the Intercontinental Title. MVP got some crowd reaction despite WWE clearly trying to Kofi it. Back and forth match with some decent near misses on both sides of the match. Ziggler won by cheekly taking MVP’s foot off the second rope himself during a pin just before the three. Nicely done; being his own corrupt manager while is girlfriends are bickering.

5. Big show defeated Kane in a non-title match. Kane was withoutPaul Bearer, which was bit of a copout on a plane ticket it seemed. Fun match with Big Show getting some harsh offense in on Kane, who in turn got some cool signature moves in. Kane seemingly had the match won until Edge came out with a wheelchair. Before you can say Vickie G, he got on the mic with Paul Bearer in tow explaining how Paul was ‘tied up.’

Kane tried to make the save, but Edge warned him away, stating he will throw him off the stage (“these chairs have a mind of their own”). A distracted Kane ate a Big Show chokeslam for the pin. Kane then winced in the ring as Edge ran off with Paul in the wheelchair to close the show.

I like the direction they are taking with Edge. He’s playing more of a heel in this role than his last babyface run and it seems to be working. He didn’t at anytime pander to the crowd and played the cool tweener angle.

Dark Match

After the show Kane got on the mic, demanded Edge face him. He came out with Rey Mysterio, and Alberto Del Rio followed, which led to a tag team.

1. Edge and Rey Mysterio defeated Kane and Alberto Del Rio. Edge and Rey beat the heels with a 619 and spear to send the crowd home happy.

Overall a good show, not quite as exciting as Raw last night, but we saw some quality wrestling.

Most Heat
David Otunga/Nexus
Dolph Ziggler

Biggest Pops
Big show

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