Spoilers: More Detailed WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 11/8

WWE taped November 8th’s WWE SmackDown episode from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks to Aaron Silver for a more detailed WWE SmackDown spoilers:

WWE SmackDown

* CM Punk kicked off SmackDown and called out The Wyatt Family for a fight. Curtis Axel came out instead and said he had unfinished business with Punk. Punk won. During the match, the Wyatts intro began and the lights went out but they didn’t appear. The lights came back on and Bray was laughing on the big screen. He blew out the lantern and that was it.

* AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka beat Cameron and Naomi. AJ put the Black Widow on Cameron for the win.

* Alberto Del Rio calls out John Cena and runs him down. Cena comes out and is ready to fight, challenging Del Rio to a match, but Vickie Guerrero interrupts to huge boos from the crowd. Vickie makes the match for Survivor Series instead. She announces Del Rio vs. The Great Khali and Cena vs. Ryback for tonight because it’s best for business.

* Del Rio beat Khali with the cross armbreaker.

* R-Truth came out to a huge pop from the hometown crowd. He and The Usos defeated 3MB in a quick match.

* Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper fought to a no contest when Erick Rowan interfered. They beat Bryan down until CM Punk made the save. Wyatt watched from the apron and left up the ramp before getting involved.

* John Cena defeated Ryback in the main event after an Attitude Adjustment. Ryback responded to Goldberg chants by hitting a spear and a jackhammer. After the match, Del Rio ran out and attacked Cena, working on his arm around the ring post. Cena came back and SmackDown ended with Del Rio running away.

  • justaguy92122

    wwwe is more getting WORSE than TNA ………………and thats got to be hard to do. #TNASUCKS

  • CMPunk is a legend and Ziggler

    Can’t wait to see Ryback hit a spear and a jackhammer, that will be funny. And fuck Del Rio. Sandow deserves a title shot. ADR can go learn how to be entertaining instead.

    • Salky

      My thoughts exactly!!

    • Kieran

      Not gonna be surprised if they cut it out.

  • Ficuzza

    I think it can be sweet, Ryback snaps and goes Goldberg using all his moves, he already botches at the same level as Goldberg so…

  • Colton

    Smackdown gonna be gay without Randy Orton, Shield, HHH, and Kane loved Raw’s finish!