*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

Below are full taping results for tonight’s Impact Wrestling:

Impact Wrestling (Airing tonight on Spike TV):

* Sting came out to start the show, clipboard in hand. He says he beat Ric Flair last week like he said he would and now gets his shot at Hulk Hogan. To make things fun, let’s bring Hogan out. Hulk Hogan joins Sting in the ring and says that this is insane and he’s not medically cleared to wrestle. Sting laughs at that and says come on Hogan. He shows a video package of Hulk using a chair multiple times on him and says he looks fine in this video. Hulk kicks the bottom rope and then holds his back as if it hurts. Sting says this match is happening whether he likes it or not.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and comes out immediately saying this isn’t happening. Sting punches Bischoff in the face and knocks him out. Sting gets face to face with Hogan and says he’ll see him at Bound For Glory and stares him down. When Sting leaves the ring, Bischoff is coming to and Sting knocks him out again.

* Backstage, Karen Angle tells Mickie James and Brooke Tessmacher that they’re wrestling tonight and the winner goes on to face Velvet Sky. Karen asks Brooke if she’s wearing that to the ring. Brooke says she is and Karen says good, she doesn’t want her wearing any of her revealing clothing or any of her girations. She then turns to Traci Brooks (who is wearing a shirt that has a big hole in the middle to show off her cleavage) and says she needs to dress more professionally and she looks like she works in a whore house. Frankie Kazarian comes up and has some unkind words for Karen Angle and leaves with Traci.

* Mickie James b. Brooke Tessmacher with the Last Kiss Goodnight

* TNA Champion Kurt Angle comes to the ring and invites Bobby Roode out with him. Angle says he’s not the one that Roode has to worry about, his partner is. James Storm comes to the ring and gets in Roode’s face. He asks if Roode thinks he’s out here because he sold out to Immortal and turned his back on him. Roode says no, he knows him better. Storm says he’s his own man and makes his own rules and does what he wants. And he says the problem isn’t with Roode, the problem is with Angle. He gets in Angle’s face and says he doesn’t listen to what he says and that if Angle wants a fight, he’s got one, with him, tonight. Sorry about your d— luck.

* For the X Division Title, Austin Aries beat Jesse Sorenson with a schoolboy

* Christopher Daniels comes to the ring and says he will not face Bobby Roode like Kurt Angle wants. He is his own man and showed that when he beat AJ Styles. AJ Styles comes to the ring and asks what Daniels’ problem is. Chris said he doesn’t have one as he beat AJ and is moving on to bigger things. After an exchange of words, Daniels and Styles begin brawling. Security tries to break it up but they keep breaking free. They fight to the backstage area and invade the Direct Auto Insurance office that’s set up. They eventually come back to the ring and Kazarian comes out to break things up. While Kazarian is calming down Styles, Daniels kicks him square in the groin. Daniels takes off while Styles is on the mat in agony.

* Main event, for the Impact World Title, James Storm vs. Kurt Angle went to a no contest as two referees got knocked out.