Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings For 3/20 & Partial Results For 3/27


TNA taped the March 20th Impact Wrestling episode and part of the March 27th episode on Friday night in Orlando. The rest should be taped on Saturday night. Here are spoilers, thanks to Eric:

March 20th episode:

* Angelina Love comes out and calls Velvet Sky to the ring for answers. Angelina says she and the fans want The Beautiful People to be friends again and they hug. Angelina calls out Madison Rayne and offers her a spot back in the group. Angelina mocks Madison and they have words. Madison respects Velvet and Angelina but wants no part in the group.

* BroMans defeated The Wolves and Sanada & Tigre Uno in a non-title triple threat match. BroMans got the pin on Tigre Uno after a very exciting tag match. Zema Ion ended up taking Senada’s X Division Title belt and distracting him.

* Bully Ray comes out and gets cheered for taking credit for Dixie Carter losing power at Lockdown. Bully says Dixie almost talked him into joining her but couldn’t. Bully says he’s going to put Bobby Roode through some tables and out comes Roode, who isn’t afraid of Ray and his tables. Ray calls Roode down to the ring and ends up putting him on a table at ringside but Roode escapes. They end up brawling into the ring and teasing more table spots but the segment ended with Ray spearing a table after Roode moved.

* Magnus defeated Samoa Joe with the TNA World Heavyweight Title on the line after MVP and Abyss interfered. Both MVP and Abyss were originally handcuffed at ringside but they fought after a ref bump. MVP stopped Abyss from using thumbtacks but Abyss laid him out at ringside. Abyss tossed a chair at Joe’s face, allowing Magnus to hit his finisher for the win. This was described as a chaotic ending.

* The match saw Lashley and Ethan wrestle for just under 10 minutes when Willow (Jeff Hardy) interfered. The match ended in a no contest.

It turns out these are the full tapings for next week. The rest of the show will be made up of backstage segments.

March 27th episode:

* MVP comes out and talks about brawling with Abyss last week. He’s interrupted by Magnus and Abyss. Magnus says Abyss has a contract with him, not MVP or TNA. MVP offers Abyss a title shot and announces Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title for next week. Our correspondent notes that this and other details were fuzzy based on the way they apparently taped out of order. Joe comes out and isn’t happy about the match. Joe and Magnus brawl while MVP and Abyss brawl. Eric Young comes out and attacks Abyss. They clear the ring. MVP says instead, next will be Magnus vs. Joe, interrupted and for the title, and Young vs. Abyss. Young and Joe end up arguing. It ended with Young being put into the match. Our correspondent notes it wasn’t clear if the match will be Joe vs. Young vs. Abyss vs. Magnus for the title or Joe vs. Young vs. Magnus for the title next week.

* Gunner defeated James Storm in a no count out, no DQ match. This was described as a very brutal match. Gunner speared Storm through a table at ringside from inside the ring at one point. Gunner got the win after his finisher and a beer bottle shot to the head.

* Angelina Love calls out Velvet Sky. They argue about Madison Rayne and Angelina talks down to Velvet. Angelina mentions she will be facing Madison later on.

* The Wolves defeated Abyss and Magnus when Magnus tapped out. Abyss left with Magnus’ World Heavyweight Title belt after the match was over.

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