*Spoilers* Ring Of Honor TV Taping Results – May 5, 2013 (Four Shows)

ROH TV Tapings
May 5th 2013
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Estimated Attendance: 300-400

Staff is already telling people who are sitting in GA to sit wherever there is space on the floor.

Episode 1

Jimmy Jacobs def Jay Lethal
-Lethal is still selling the knee injury from the night before. Corino is on commentary.
-Lethal cut a promo challenging Jacobs and stating that since Steen took the fall the night before, he doesn’t trust me.
-Lethal controls early. Jacobs attacks the knee to takeover. Counters the Lethal Injection by tying Jay’s leg in the ropes.
-Lethal’s leg gives out on the Lethal Injection. Diving Ace Crusher transitioned into the Contra Code gets Jimmy the win.

Nigel McGuinness cutting a promo putting over the title match from the night before. Says Elgin has a title shot and that he wants to rid ROH of SCUM.
Jay Briscoe comes out and says he can best everyone in ROH. Mark Briscoe interrupts and wants a shot at BITW 2013. Nigel says he will consider it.

Titus and Compton def Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
– Coleman was repeated slammed into the ring post and refs came down to check on him which may affect the match

Adam Cole def Kevin Steen via Florida Key
– Cole eats floor on a pescado and then takes 3 powerbombs on different apron sides
– Cole attacks Steen’s knee while he is distracted by Corino
– Compton interfered and Jacobs hit Steen with brass knucks. Compton gave Cole a thumbs up after the match.

Episode 2

Mark Briscoe def Colin Delaney with the froggy bow

Nigel makes Jay vs Mark at BITW for the ROH title official
American Wolves interrupt and say one of them will be champ. Corino says it doesn’t matter because Hardy will beat the winner.
Jay goes for Corino but accidentally hits Davey. Wolves and Briscoes start fighting until they are pulled apart. Elgin watches from the ramp.

MsChif def Cherry Bomb with a DVD after Veda Scott interferes

GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori def Roderick Strong with a 450
– Strong took a nasty spike rana to counter the Gibson Driver. Ishimori hit a gorgeous floating flip dive.

Episode 3

Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match (winners face reDRagon at BITW): C&C vs ACH and TD vs Evans and Marshall
Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman def TD Thomas/ACH & QT/Evans to become #1 contenders with Leap of Faith/Frog Splash on TD

Nigel came out with Paul London and Michael Elgin. London has a concussion and can’t wrestle but a future match is promised.
Evans & QT Marshall interrupt and demand the tag titles. Elgin lays out Evans with a backfist. QT bails.
Ciampa stops him and kills QT with an Air Raid Crash on the ramp. Project Ciampa for RD. intense staredown with Elgin.

TV Title #1 Contenders Match (winner faces Matt Taven at BITW): Jay Lethal def BJ Whitmer and Mike Bennett with the Lethal Injection on Whitmer
– Maria is on commentary and Truth Martini is lookingon from the ramp
– there was a pull apart between BJ and Bennett

Episode 4

Proving Grounds match: TV Champ Matt Taven def Pepper Parks with Headlock Driver
– Scarlett Bordeaux and Sylezia Sparks are the Hoopla Hotties

Tommaso Ciampa def Rip Impact
– during a stalled vertical suplex, Michael Elgin came out. Looks like they may have program going forward as they are signed to fight at BITW

Steve Corino cuts a promo and says Hardy will be champion. Calls Nigel out for #1 Contenders Matches without SCUM around.
Corino says SCUM beat C&C and Lethal and should have the title shots. Another pull-apart tonight.
Lethal and C&C make SCUM bail. Nigel and Corino teased confrontation.

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards def ROH Champion Jay and Mark Briscoe when Wolves win with a Tombstone/Kick to the head combo on Mark after he accidentally hits Jay.

(Results courtesy of PWPonderings.com)