*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 4/7

TNA Wrestling taped next week’s Impact from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to WNW Orlando correspondent Tim Capture for providing us with text-message updates. Below are full results:

Dark Match:

* Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Amazing Red. Winner via jumping tornado single arm DDT, Amazing Red

TNA Impact (Airing 4/7 on Spike TV):

* Fortune’s music hits. Beer Money, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels come out. Daniels looks back at his relationship with TNA and it’s been rocky. More important than anything though is his relationships he’s made. One that sticks out is the one with AJ Styles. They’ve had their ups and downs but always promised to have each other’s backs. After seeing on TV what happened to AJ he realized it’s time to come back. His loyalty now is to Fortune. He begs to be the fourth person at Lockdown.

* Immortal’s music hits and Abyss, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Bully Ray come out. Flair says this has gone on too long. Flair says he doesn’t even know who Daniels is. The crowd chants Fallen Angel. Flair calls him a mark for caring about the fans chanting. All of Fortune made a mistake siding with AJ. He’s going to do him a favor and let him walk out of the ring and out of TNA forever. Daniels appreciates the offer but he can take that offer and shove it. Flair says he better take it because someone’s going to get hurt and it won’t be him or his guys. Daniels starts
to protest but Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come out. Hogan says he runs this place. If Daniels wants on television that’s one thing, superhero. If the network
wants to give him a contract, if he wants to give him a contract, he’ll get one. Tonight, superhero Daniels can take on Bully Ray. Ray gets in Daniels face and says he doesn’t want a piece of him. He’s the one who crippled his buddy AJ. He’s the biggest, baddest mother effer and he retires people. Now
go back to California, put on more mascara, paint your nails, watch Oprah and have a good time. Daniels says he shouldn’t worry about that and instead of the guy beating him up. Daniels attacks Ray while Fortune attacks the others and clears the ring.

* Brooke Hogan is back.

* The Mexican Americans (Hernandez & the new guy) w/Sarita & Rosita vs. Tommy Dreamer & Devon. Winners via chairshot to Devon while the referee was distracted, the Mexican Americans. The giant Mexican flag was hanging the whole match and blocked the crowd’s view. Hernandez was going to Border Toss Dreamer through a table but Matt Morgan ran in for the save.

* Samoa Joe vs. Gunner with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero on commentary. Winner via choke, Samoa Joe. Match was less than a minute. Joe chased Pope to the back afterwards.

* For the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles, Sarita & Rosita vs. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love. Angelina is acting weird and zombie like. Angelina wouldn’t tag in. Winter came out and signaled Angelina to break Velvet. Angelina gave her a stunner on the ropes and beat her up.
Winners via regular pinfall after Angelina Love beat down, Sarita & Rosita

* TNA Champion Sting is out. This is such a good night. He needs some company with him. Rob Van Dam! RVD joins Sting in the ring. The plan was to stop Hulk Hogan and
Eric Bischoff but somewhere along the way they got derailed. RVD says I wonder why? Sting apologizes for what he did in March. RVD says he doesn’t care anymore. He says he never lost the title. And he’s getting it back at Lockdown because he’s Rob Van Dam. Bischoff and Hogan come out. Hogan says this parading around by RVD is what he’s been dealing with since he came back. It makes him want to do something crazy and give RVD Sting tonight, brother.

* In a lumberjack match, Bully Ray w/Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Abyss vs. Christopher Daniels w/Kazarian & Beer Money. They announced Daniels as 229lbs and I literally laughed out loud. Winner after a chain shot from Hogan while the referee was distracted, Bully Ray.

* Steel cage is being set up. Only three sides were put up before they started taping the segment. Jeff Jarrett came out and yelled at the crew to speed things up. Jarrett gets in the ring and says Kurt Angle attacking him was stupid and violated the restraining order. Maybe he did it on purpose so Angle wouldn’t have to fight him in the cage. He’s seen a lot of gutless acts in wrestling but this takes the cake. Ten days from now if they had gotten inside this cage and Jarrett had beaten
him down again the law would’ve gone after him. Jarrett says in other news he and Karen decided the kids will not visit him in jail. The cage is still being constructed during this. He then announces Karen is coming out to say some things. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he rappells down through the side of
the cage still not finished. They close that side off and Kurt locks the cage. Jeff throws the camera man at Kurt and is able to escape the cage.

* Rob Van Dam vs. TNA Champion Sting w/special guest referee Mr. Anderson. Two minutes into the match, Anderson gave Sting a Mic Check but the match continued.
Winner via 5 Star Frog Splash, Rob Van Dam. Match was short and was not any good. Anderson hit RVD with the belt after the match then yelled in his face. Murphy and Rob Terry came out clapping for Anderson and congratulating him. They held him up on their shoulders as Immortal’s music hit. Hulk Hogan came out on the ramp and clapped for Anderson and gave him the thumbs up. Right after Terry and Murphy put Anderson down he attacks them and gives them both Mic Checks and then yells at Hogan. Anderson’s music hits and he plays to the crowd.

* Generation Me & Robbie E w/Cookie vs. Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin & Suicide. Winner after Max Buck gave Jeremy Buck a hanging DDT off the top rope, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin & Suicide. Max yelled at Jeremy some after the match.


* The British Invasion of Magnus & Douglas Williams vs. Ink Inc.. Winners via the Tattoo Machine, Ink Inc.