*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For Tonight

TNA Wrestling wrapped all of their Impact tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. A lot of the material taped was for the January 6th Impact although some was taped out of order. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Tim Capture for providing us with text-message updates. Below are full results:

TNA Impact:

* Mick Foley comes to the ring. He immediately calls a man he calls friend, Ken Anderson, to the ring. Anderson joins Foley in the ring. Foley wants to talk about how they met. They were in locker rooms together. Early on they were in a room with Miss America and an injured soldier. She meant to offer to have them take a photo of her with the soldier and then of them with the soldier. What she said was how about they do her first and then she’ll do them. Since then they’ve had a bond. Through the years he always would say he’s okay but others would say he’s not. Now he’s the one saying Ken is not okay and shouldn’t put himself at risk so there can be little a–holes later. Foley says he’s doing him a favor by asking him to think twice because he doesn’t look fine. Anderson says he’s thanked him, thanked Morgan, thanked everybody for their concern. He finds it offensive that Foley is still questioning him after he’s been medically cleared. He feels like Foley is calling him a liar. Foley says once you mess your head up you can’t rehab it. Anderson says an old saying goes if you can’t get along you have to get it on.

* Matt Morgan comes out and asks Anderson what his decision is. Morgan says come Genesis, once that bell sounds, it’s on. Whether he’s 50% or 100%, Morgan has to go through Anderson. Anderson says nobody is hearing him. Morgan doesn’t have to wait until Sunday. Anderson drops the mic and is ready to fight. TNA Champion Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he’s on the ramp. He’s glad to see everybody is getting along again. He says Anderson is a professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. Anderson is ready to go and Morgan is ready. So tonight they’ll be on opposite sides of a tag team and he’ll see them at Genesis.

* Rob Van Dam is out and says it’s painfully clear Eric Bischoff is not the man in charge for now. He’s out here to find out who his mystery opponent is. He doesn’t care who it is because he’ll take out anybody they throw at him. Robbie E’s music hits.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Robbie E w/Cookie/ Winner via 5 Star Frog Splash, Rob Van Dam. After the Match, Jeff Hardy is on the big screen. Hardy says if he wants him, he must first pas a test. At Genesis he’ll face a mystery opponent. If he defeats him, then and only then will RVD face Jeff Hardy.

* AJ Styles & Rob Terry vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus. Winner via Chaos Theory from Styles to Magnus, AJ Styles & Rob Terry

* Kazarian comes out introduced as the #1 contender to the TNA X Division Championship. He’s in a suit and accompanied by two lovely ladies. He says last week he came out and beat 3 men to become the #1 contender to the X Division title. As you may or may not know, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair put a bounty out on every title. He intends to win the X Title from Jay Lethal. He wants to discuss how Lethal came to be. His childhood home was such a dump that they had to bring the garbage in. It wasn’t just Jay raised there. His two brothers, Keenan Ivory Lethal and his sisters Whitney and Beyonce Lethal. His sisters are such skanks they screwed more brothers than Hurricane Katrina. Kaz puts all the blame on his Mommy. She’s so fugly, so gross, so disgusting she fits in here at the Impact Zone. Jay Lethal runs out but is immediately taken out with a collapsible baton. Kaz celebrates and leaves Lethal in a heap

* Mr. Anderson & Brother Ray vs. Matt Morgan & Brother Devon. Mick Foley is on commentary. Eric Bischoff comes out during the start of the match to order Foley to leave. He has Gunner & Murphy physically remove him from the announce table. He’s led away in handcuffs after fighting back and getting Mr. Socko on one of them. Winner after a discus clothesline from Morgan to the back of Anderson’s head, Matt Morgan & Brother Devon. Devon was chasing Ray around the ring which distracted Anderson and led to the finish. After the match Anderson was loopy and upset at Morgan.

* Double J Double M A Challenge. He’s out with his entourage. Jeff Jarrett immediately is hit by “you sold out” chants. Last week he had to make some changes due to TNA legal. From now on if someone accepts his challenge they cannot be taller than him. Second, from now on this is just an exhibition. This is to ensure no one is seriously hurt. He now has a stack of waivers and is looking for a challenger. Jarrett focuses on Boo Boo Stewart but says no way he could handle it. Jarrett points out people from the audience and disparages them. Jarrett goes back to Boo Boo. Jarrett asks him if he seriously wants to try this. He checks his height first. He mentions he’s a junior black belt. Then he has his dad stand up and he’s much taller than Jarrett. Jarrett says Boo Boo is disqualified because he’ll be taller than him one day. He finally settles on someone. He says his name is Jonathan Cruz from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He’s actually a local indy wrestler and Team 3D Student. Jarrett makes quick work of Cruz and makes him tap to an ankle lock. Kurt Angle comes through the crowd and goes after Jarrett who bails. Angle says hey, we’re about the same height. And if he signs this waiver he can fight him. Jarrett protests and Angle says you’re right, I promised to never wrestle in TNA again. But this is an exhibition, not a wrestling match so he’ll see Jeff at Genesis. By the way, bring your wife because he has something for her too.

* Madison Rayne w/Tara & Sarita vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky. Winner after an elbow pad shot from Tara to Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & Sarita.

* Non Title Match, Rob Terry vs. Douglas Williams. A minute into the match AJ Styles attacks Williams. AJ and Terry take turns attacking Williams. Magnus and a returning Desmond Wolfe come out to make the save. AJ and Terry immediately bail.

* Tape of footage from outside. Brother Ray and Brother Devon confront each other in the parking lot. Security is keeping them apart. Ray keeps egging Devon on while he hides behind security. Ray calls Devon a lackey and a b—-. Ray says you know what your problem is? You used to be tough but now you’re a wussy. Devon goes after him but security holds him back. Ray uses the opportunity to kick Devon in the junk. He tells Devon not to show up to the pay-per-view.

* Non Title Match, Abyss vs. Jay Lethal. Winner via DQ, Jay Lethal. Abyss wouldn’t stop choking Lethal so the referee called for the bell. Abyss continued his assault. Kazarian came out and sarcastically begged Abyss to stop his assault. He says please, leave some for me. If he doesn’t have a pulse he can’t beat him at Genesis. This match was designed as a highly competitive warm up match and this is what was delivered. He then asks the unconscious Lethal to please stand up. Abyss lifts him up and Kazarian says he’d like to shake his hand. Abyss operates Lethal’s hand and Kaz and Lethal “shake” hands. Kazarian wishes Lethal luck and Abyss then tosses him to the ground.

* Impact main event, Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam. Jarrett is out with his entire entourage. The match goes a few minutes and then Jarrett’s entire entourage interferes. RVD is able to fight them all off and then Jeff Hardy runs in and hits a Twist of Hate. Jarrett then gets the pin I guess this was no DQ? Matt Morgan runs in for the save afterwards. As Morgan is beating up Jarrett in the corner Mr. Anderson runs down. He goes to hit Hardy with a chair but Hardy ducks and Anderson hits Morgan instead. Hardy and Jarrett leaves with a knocked out Morgan and RVD in the ring. Anderson leaves with the chair and throws it to the ground.


* Max Buck w/Jeremy Buck vs. Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red. Winner via slingshot Code Red to Max Buck, Amazing Red

* Beer Money vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young. Young is once again wearing the old World Title belt. Winner via DWI to Young, Beer Money